What Is On Your Workdesk Wednesday – (WOYWW)

Hello Wednesday WOYWW hoppers, here is my messy desk for you to peruse... A very quick piccy showing the piles of mess building up on my desk as I try to get things finished off. But you will also spot the WOYWW anniversary ATC that Donna Louise Rodgers sent me! Thanks Donna, so lovely! Don't forget to pop on other to Julia's…


What Is On Your Workdesk Wednesday

Well there are lots of bits and pieces on my workdesk this Wednesday but no actual project. I've just finished three projects and am in the process of sending them off to where they need to get to. Then there is a bit of a tidy up and ready for the next projects! Yep, that is the inside of a toilet roll on…


What Is On Your Workdesk Wednesday – Three Things

My desk is back in its rightful place this week, unlike last week when it was just a pile of stuff on the floor and a stressed Kimberley trying to tidy up - only the worst thing ever after finishing a project! Anyway my desk is full of stuff I'm in the middle of playing working with... but I thought I would give…


What Is On Your Work Desk Wednesday (WOYWW) – COLOURING!

What day is it? Oh I know... it is What Is On Your Work Desk Wednesday! YAY! Hello WOYWW hoppers how are you all doing today?  Today my desk is a colouring desk.  I've been brave and got my Copics out to keep my hand in as they say - I usually reach for my Prismacolor Pencils when I am doing colouring.…


What Is On Your Work Desk Wednesday (WOYWW) – Kuretake Project Box!

Welcome WOYWW-ers how you all doing this Wednesday? Well this has been on my desk for a couple of days - one of my 'project' boxes.  If you have popped in to my blog on previous WOYWW you will have seen my project boxes before. I use the boxes you get your scrapbook papers in to store my ongoing projects and this…


What Is On Your Work Desk Wednesday (WOYWW) – CHOCOLATE!

Shh! Don't tell ANYONE! My desk is full of Chocolate... Purely for art reasons I assure you...Scrunch...Nom, Nom, Nom...I'm not enjoying it for one minute...Scrunch...Nom...Nom...Nom...oh no!  Oh and if you are looking for the finished Sardine Tin from a WOYWW post a couple of weeks ago then check out this post. Sardines and chocolate? Now that's a thought!


What Is On Your Work Desk Wednesday (WOYWW) – Sardine Tin!

YAY! Wednesday is here again! Welcome WOYWW hoppers, nice to see you all! Ok so I spy on my suprisingly tidy desk...A Sardine Tin, some wire, some Washi tape: Any regular viewers to my blog will know I'm a bit of a sardine tin altering nerd. This one is going to be for Julie Kirk's A Month Of Sunrays. Tune in later…


What’s On Your Work Desk Wednesday (WOYWW) – Project Box!

It's Wednesday! It's What's On Your Work desk Wednesday! This week I have what I call a project box on my desk. I save the 'pizza' boxes that the 12x12s come in and use them to protect and store the projects I'm working on. Today I'm working on a commission so I can't show you it, in fact if I showed you it I…


What’s On Your Work Desk Wednesday (WOYWW) – Notebooks!

If it is Wednesday then it must be What's On Your Work Desk Wednesday (WOYWW)! This week I have some notebooks on my desks to do some smashing and messing, sticking and doodling!  Gotta love a bit of stationery! You should see Sarah and her 'Smashing' haul - yep we do love a bit of stationery! I could not resist this fab date stamp…