Simply Cards And Papercraft Masterclass Gelatine Printing

Hey guys, Just popping in for a bit of a heads-up. You all know that I LOVE writing for magazines and it keeps me pretty busy, well I have already got some favourite articles coming out this year and here is a heads-up about one of them. [Photo credit: Practical Publishing International Ltd] It is a masterclass that I did for Simply…


Craft Stamper Magazine And Free Stamp

It is Friday...I've got two articles made and ready to post off to my editors...the weekend is stretched out in front of us...I've got a day of fun arting planned with my cousin this weekend...lots of reasons to be cheerful. But wait a minute, it is FRIDAY, that means Craft Stamper is out in the newsagents with my free retro camera stamp…


Retro Camera Stamp For Craft Stamper

Retro camera stamping fans you might want to keep your eye out for March issue of Craft Stamper... Hold on a minute...what is that? Is that my name? Yep! I designed the free cover stamp for Craft Stamper this month! No way? Way! I might be a bit excited about having one of my designs made into physical form, what a rush.…


Two Free Projects For The Weekend

Oh yeah it is Sharing Friday. Yep, you know it is Friday so it must be *Sharing Time*! What will you be up to this weekend? Ok, let's ignore what I will be up to as it will be mostly cleaning *boo*. But what about you? Got any crafty or arty plans for the weekend? You know I love looking at blogs…


New Magazine Monday – Papercraft Essentials

Happy Monday guys. Did you have a good weekend? Are you ready for the week ahead? What arty / crafty things have you got on your to-do list this week? My to-do list is full of articles and blog things but my wish list for the week just has one thing on it - to exchange this week, oh that would be…


Magazine Monday

It is magazine time and some new mags have hit the shelves! Yay! That's tea breaks this week sorted then. First up is the Creative Titles, there is a new issue of Creative Stamping (issue 17)... And Creative Cardmaking (issue 68). And would you believe it, I made the main cover girl on both! Ooooo! Big smiles from me, lovely way to…


New Mags Monday – Papercraft Essentials 107

Time for a quick shout-out with the Papercraft Essentials issue 107, which hit the shelves last week. I've not seen the magazine yet, but there should be a bit of an interactive card making article from me (you can see it at the bottom of the cover) and a fun embossed jigsaw card too. But if you are a Lavina Stamps fan…


Craft Stamper – June 2014

Hey Guys, have you seen the latest Craft Stamper, June issue? Ooo! I made some Father's Day things for this month, check out the picture frame on the top left hand corner, that's me! The magazine is full of amazing inspiration as always. Now if you happen to be in the Crawley Hobbycraft on Saturday come and say hi and checkout the…


Bits And Bobs Friday – Demos, Magazines And A Question

I've been in an all-absorbed frenzy of making this week to meet some deadlines, so much so that I am starting to question my sanity a bit. I've been so work-focussed that on Wednesday I mistook my door bell for the telephone ringing. Erm? Eeek! Yeah, ok so might not be that big a deal, they both ring and everything so I…

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