New Mag Monday – Get Stamping, Papercraft Essentials, Creative cardmaking

New Mag Monday! That sounds quite catchy doesn’t it?

There are some new magazines in the shops so I thought I would do my shout out for them. I haven’t seen them yet so I’ve got something to look forward too! Tee Hee! That is my tea breaks sorted when I get my crafty hands on them.

First up is the new Papercraft Essentials Issue 106.

This month I got a chance to play with making backgrounds and I’ve also used some of the Creative Expressions Stamps for this one, lots of pretty flowers for Spring with the Umount Posy Floral 1 stamp set.

Then there is the new issue of Creative Cardmaking, Issue 66.

I can’t wait to get a peek at this one as I made some off the page gifts for men and I’m excited to seeing how they look in the magazine!

The final shout out is tinged with much unhappiness. It is for Get Stamping issue 8 and from what I’ve heard it will be the last issue.

Such a shame! I’m gutted! I really loved this magazine and its fab cover stamps. For me it had such a great range of different projects, not just cards but scrapbooking, home decor, and journal keeping all in one place and lots of lovely design work from the designers, so it is really sad it won’t continue. You can still find some back issues, and the new issue of course, over on the MoreMags website so go enjoy it whilst you can.

But on a happy note Those two main cards on the cover are mine. *Yay* between the *sad face* looks!

Hope you enjoy your reads this week.

Catch you later.



Some Weekend Reading – Creative Cardmaking, Papercraft Essentials And Get Stamping

Ok so it is a bumper read-a-thon this weekend! I’m looking forward to reading…

Creative Cardmaking 64

Which is very pretty in pink this month! I went to the circus with my makes for kids in this issue. They are very bright and all you need to make them is some coloured card and maybe a few dies or punches. Hope you like clowns – they are cute ones, not scary – honest guv!

Next there is Papercraft Essentials 104

I was lucky enough to have a chance to play with the lovely embossing folder and stamp set gift on the cover this month, looking forward to hearing how you get on with them too. I also have some ideas for getting the most our of your dies in this month, dies are soooo popular right now. 

Then last but not least is Get Stamping 7

I know Shirley will be pleased ūüôā The stamps are Asian-Themed this month and I made full cover girl *Beam*! It is always such a thrill to make the main project on the cover. So I was let loose with a Blue Willow Pattern theme, you know, as in the the blue and white ceramic kitchenware designs that were first made popular in the 18th Century. 

I do love a bit of ceramic, I mean don’t get me started on bowls, I LOVE bowls! Oh dear, that is another obsessions out of the bag, I might as well call this blog ‘Kim and her Weird Obsessions’!

Right, I better be off so that I can finish what I need to do today to leave room for all the reading.



Magazine Time

I am officially on holiday! YAY! I’ve just got one more make and one more blog post to do then it is mince pies, mulled wine and jingle all the way. I have my reading all lined up and there are two new magazines out that are on the list:

Get Stamping 6 is out with a lovely nature-inspired stamp set.

I have some cards using silhouette stamping in this month. But make sure you checkout the project life article from St√©phanie de Geus (the editor) and Klair Rhomany Scattergood’s Art Journaling 101 also caught my eye as I had a quick flick through, to name just a couple of the inspiring articles, there are loads more to your pique interest.

The new issue of Papercraft Essentials, issue 102, is also out.

This year’s winner of the Papercrafter of the Year competition is announced and you can find out who won, plus there is inspiration abound from all the DT. So many fabulous makes so I hope that you all enjoy reading through.  Liz McGuire has a really lovely colourful colouring tutorial, bright and beautiful. Tracy Evans has a fab article too with glitter paste and I love the look of Kirsty Maluga’s cheerful makes, pretty. 

My article this month is the second part to my Lettering article and I have DIY chalkboards, cutouts and subway art tips to share with you all so hope you like them.

Hope you enjoy reading through this months mags.



It’s Magazine Time!

Nom nom nom nom.

Excuse me, I’m just eating lots of Halloween sweeties as I write this post.

Tee Hee!

It’s Magazine time, magazines go well with sweeties you know!

Get Stamping 5 is in the shops with some lovely Christmas stamps, think you will like them!

…and knock me down if I haven’t made cover girl again, with the two main scenic cards! OMG! Over joyed! The little Christmas journal is one of mine too! 

Think I might have to celebrate with some more sweeties!

Nom, nom, nom!

Have a fun weekend.



Get Stamping Issue 4 Is Out…

Just in time for the weekend! Feet up, tea and biccy – the latest issue of Get Stamping is out, Issue 4, and it is Christmas inspired with some lovely Christmas/ winter cover stamps and some that would be great for Halloween too.

I’ve made cover girl! Yay! Tee Hee! With some Christmas PanPastel makes. I’m looking forward to getting my hands on this issue.

Hope you have a super fab Saturday.



Today I am…

Catching up!

Watcha Gorgeous Fluffs Of Bundle, how are you all doing? It has been a busy old week for me so far, hence the lack of posting. It is not from want of projects to show, but more a lack of time to get them posted here on the blog.

I’ve been working more with the Fiskars Fuse, it was my first demo last weekend and so I’ve been learning all I can about the machine.

I had fun making samples but I’ve got to say the demo was a little quiet, then I was competing with one of the hottest days of the year so far! Mid demo I suddenly had a yearning to make a mini-book so I kept myself busy cutting pages ready to work on at some point. My next demo is the 27th July in Reading if you happen to be about do come and say hello!

I think I’m a little bit behind with my magazine updates, Get Stamping 3 was out last week:

You have SO got to check out the stamps that come with the mag this month – LOVE the camera and the scooter is really cute too! Perfect set for a spot of holiday modular/project life scrapbooking I reckon! I have some cards in this month, I’ve used ICE Resin and Glossy Accents to make some fun embellishments with the stamps. I haven’t seen the magazine yet so can’t tell you what else is in it, looking forward to seeing it though!

By the way what do you think of the Fiskars demo photos above? I have three cameras at the moment, my beloved dSLR (LOVE LOVE LOVE), a handy little digital camera (also quite fond of!) and of course my mobile phone.

I’m not a great fan of taking photos with my mobile phone as they never seem to come out particularly well, but then I didn’t get my mobile phone for the camera as I already have the dSLR and digital camera which are perfect for what I use them for. But it does mean that I sometimes go out and about with three cameras in tow which is a little mad! Anyway I was actually pleased to have the camera on my mobile on Saturday as the battery ran out on my digital – D’oh! So the photo collage above is all taken with the mobile phone camera.

I thought I would have a look at other photos I’ve taken with my mobile phone recently…

I’ve only slightly lightened and put frames on them in Photoshop Elements, but otherwise not processed them too much. Except the photo in the centre of the top row which was played with in the Pixlr-o-matic App. The phone is a Samsung ACE2 in case you are interested. Still don’t think it will replace my other two cameras, which will need surgically removing from my body.

I would love to know what camera or, if you are like me, cameras you use when you are out and about taking photos? Do Tell!

Catch you later PhotoFluffs


EDIT: The Fiskars demos have been delayed ’til later in the year so I won’t be in Reading on the 27th July. Watch this space for the new dates.


Get Stamping 2 Is Out!

Just dropping by to give you a heads-up…

The second issue of the new magazine Get Stamping is out.

Again it is full of lovely contemporary inspiration for a whole range of projects from cards to art journalling for the great sheet of stamps that come with it. I’ve got some journal pages and some paper cutting cards in this issue.

Check it out at WHSmiths, Tescos or pop on other to the MoreMags website to order it online.

Don’t forget to checkout their new Facebook page too!

Catch you later.



New Magazine Alert – Get Stamping!

Have you spotted the new magazine from Practical Publishing International?

It’s called Get Stamping…

You might want to sneak a look at this one! Just saying!

It is ¬£7.99 so you might¬†initially¬†think that is a bit much for a magazine that isn’t a bookazine, but with this one you are actually getting a fantastic set of contemporary design¬†clear stamps with a magazine full of ideas on how to use those stamps, now that seems like excellent value to me! If you pop on over to the website you can see the 10 stamps in the kit in more detail.

I just love the fox and moustache and I have a thing about chevrons, so I was very happy when I got this set in my stampy paws. But the thing that made me sit up the most was the breadth of the magazine! It covers ideas from cards to home decor, scrapbooking, life journalling and even art journalling. Yep, something for everyone and yep I am excited! Can you tell? I got my copy and I was like ‘Ooo yum’ at each turn of the page.

I’m not sure which shops will be stocking it, I’ll keep my eyes out for it and let you know or you can tell me where you got your copy, but I do know you can get it directly over at the site.

Well thought you might want a heads-up on this one. Would love to know your thoughts on Get Stamping…


UPDATE: See below in the comments from the editor St√©phanie¬†de Geus¬†– ‘The magazine will be on sale at WHSmith, Tesco and several individual stores’


Also they have a twitter feed you might be interested in connecting up to @GetStamping.