Goodbye To 2015

It is that time again, the time that we all look back at the year about to end and forward to the year about to start. Before I share some of my favourite makes from 2015 I just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU to all my readers, fellow creatives and facers for popping in, commenting, looking at my makes over the last year. You are all amazing and I truly appreciate the time you take to read my blog, comment but above all the fabulous inspiration that you share with me too.

Right, let’s get on with the show and tell 2015 style! Click on the photos if you want to see the original post, some of these are tutorials so you might want to click through to see the whole thing. Also some of them are my work hosted on other websites and just so that you know I have used affiliate links in places.

Grab a cuppa, a couple of mince pies and enjoy!

March Craft Stamper Cover Stamp

I’ve had a fun time this year making lots of things to share with you through the various magazines that I work for and I’ve loved all of them but a couple do stick out in my mind, one of which was the cover stamp I made for the March Issue of Craft Stamper.

Using inks with a homemade gelatin plate

[Photo credit Practical Publishing International]

I love a bit of monoprinting from time to time and I often make my own gelatin plates and you can see how if you check out my ‘Monoprinting – Old School post from 2013. But if you got the 134 issue of Simply Cards and Papercrafts this year then you would have seen my Masterclass with tips and tricks for using inks on a homemade gelatin plate.

If you click on the picture above you will get a bonus step by step showing how I made the printed card shown.

Usagi photo bombing my photo shoot

I have to admit that the photo above has got to be one of my favourite photos from my blog this year. I mean I had great fun sharing some tips on how to use your ink pads like watercolour paints to keep up with the watercolour trend that hit hard this year. But really it has to be because Usagi, one of our cats, photo bombed this picture in the middle of my photo shoot, is why I like it so much. Seriously, how cute is she?

The brush survived by the way. No brushes were harmed in the photography of this card!

a card from old scraps

This favourite share was one of those serendipitous makes. I have various boxes of leftover bits of paper and card from projects, probably much like yourself. I was have a bit of a sort through and chuck out of some of these boxes in May this year and came across the crackle paste heart on a fabric scrap and the texture paste wall and the card pictured above was born.

I never actually managed to clear away much though. *Sigh*.

Fabric tree and swing 3D work

I decided to make a fabric tree this year, you know, as you do. I know you mostly know me for my card making and perhaps more recently from the faces that I’ve been painting and drawing but I love a bit of 3D work too. I really enjoyed making this tree and overcoming the various challenges involved in making a 3D piece and so this project is on my faves of the year list!

Click to my blog post sharing thoughts on working creatively

But 2015 has had some creative hiccups as well. Creativity is hard work, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. It may seem like a dream to be able to turn something you love to do into a full-time job but as with everything in life there are downsides and challenges too.

I went through some times this year when it was difficult to keep going and in one of these times I was not happy with what I was creating. I shared some of my thoughts about it with you all and just loved all the support, understanding and kinship I got back in return.

It is always nice to know you are not alone when things get tough! So I don’t think it would be a true reflection of my year if  I didn’t at least represent some of the tough times too, so I’m including my post on How To Get Through The Creative Jungle To The Land Of Creative Joy in my faves of the year.

Click to a tutorial on the Blitsy Blog - how to use dies to make stencils

This year I had lots of fun as part of the Blitsy Creative team again. They did a bit of reorganising and I found myself on the Mixed Media part of the team so through the year I’ve been trying to come up with some fun and interesting mixed media-based tutorials for them and here are some of my favourites.

The first one, shown above, is very much in the clean and simple vein. Clean and simple with mixed media? Yup! I love journaling cards, I’ve got a few tutorials here and there using them like the one showing how to make Journaling cards with the Cricut explore or the one showing how to make Journaling cards with gem shapes and acrylic pens used as watercolour paints. I’m totally obsessed with them – Still! In the tutorial pictured above I share how to use dies to make stencils to bespoke your journaling cards.

Click to Blitsy Blog Tutorial to make a planner pocket

We might as well stay on the subject of Journaling cards for this tutorial where I mix it with another of my obsessions from this year, the MAMBI Happy Planner to make this bespoke planner pocket.

Click to this mixed media envelope tutorial on the Blitsy Blog

But how cute are these? These are one of my top favourite makes of the year! They are little keepsake envelopes I made using paints, stamping pens, inks. I kind of love these, they are so cheery, it must the colours but they just make me smile when I see them! There is a full tutorial for them on the Blitsy blog plus a template to download and keep.

Now I can’t finish my round up for 2015 without mentioning a couple of blog projects that I started this year.

First is Show Your Face my weekly community link up where like-minded folk can share any portraits that they have been working on. I am truly thankful to all of you that have been joining me on this journey and sharing your work. I’ve been loving every moment of it and all the fabulous shares.

Click to go to the latest Show Your Face Link up

Oh and don’t forget that you can still link up to the last Show Your Face of 2015. It will be back in 2016 so don’t fear if you haven’t yet joined in there is still opportunities to do so!

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The second blog project that I started this year was my Newsletter. I’ve been sharing some of the things I’ve learnt from working creatively full-time as well as tips and inspiration with my mailing list since September. I hope that it has been fun and informative with those of you that take the time to read it and if there is anything you would really like to be featured in it then just let me know!

So there, in a blog post, was a snap shot of my Creative 2015. If you want to share your 2015 round up with me then please feel free to drop a direct link to it in the comments.

I really hope that 2016 is a wonderful year for you all.

Happy Creating!

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Goodbye 2014

Goodbye 2014, time for a look back at some of my favourite makes from 2014, I do hope you will join me in this journey and post your own look back of the year. Give me a shout if you do, I would love to visit your blog look back post.

If anything catches your eye you can read the original post by clicking on the picture.

Happy New Year and may 2015 be full of creativity for you.



Goodbye To 2013

Hi All, 2013 is drawing to a close and I thought I would do the customary look back over my blog posts from the passing year and share with you some of my favourites.

So in no particular order here they are, click on the pictures if you want to see the whole post…

Looking through my back catalogue of this year’s work has made me realise how many times I fall back on using hearts as the focal point in my work. Well they are just so easy to use aren’t they? Wonder if I can change that for next year?

Thank you all so much for your lovely comments and support over this year, I appreciate every single one! So lots of love to you all and wishing you a wonderful New Year and a super creative 2014.

Drop me a link to your look back over your favourite blog posts for 2013, I would love to drop by and take a look.



Goodbye 2012

Shall we do this? The traditional blog in review? Ok, here are a few of my favourite makes from 2012 to see out the old year and in with the new.

In no particular order.

Starting off we have this little experiment with acrylic paint and some Graffiti grunge from June.

Next up it is a simple card experimenting with a bit of illustration and watercolouring also from June.

Yikes, June was obviously a very creative month for me as my next favourite is also from June! It is all about recycling and colour, two of my favourite themes and has some stitch in as well, so covers everything really!

Some more of my sketching experiments for the next one and a lot of colour and layering as well with this tag from November.

Next we have an ATC from March which is just stuffed full of stamping and inkiness.

Another ATC favourite from this year was this Gesso textured make from November. The Gesso just looks like snow to me.

Sticking with neutral colours we have an inky ink blot tag from August that I had a lot of fun making. Might explore that idea a bit more in 2013.

Back with some colour from July with this great technique, which I will definitely be playing around with more in 2013, love the rich contrasts and the stamp patterns on this one.

Now for some simple elegance with this ATC from March, it uses stamping layers and some watercolouring techniques. I really should turn some of these into tutorials shouldn’t I?

Last is one of my top favourites of the year, I love altering sardine tins, as you know and I have lots of favourites, that could be a whole seperate post so I shall sum them all up with this Sunshine in a Tin from February.

It is fun to look back at 2012, I would love to see your favourites from your work in 2012 so give me a shout if you have blogged a 2012 review and I will hop right on over for a nosey!

Thanks for sharing your journeys and I wish you all a Creative 2013.

Happy New Year you all!

Don’t forget I’ve got a giveaway running at the moment with lots of Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft® colour.



Goodbye 2011 – A Blog In Review

It’s that time again – the year is coming to a close and we all take the opportunity to look back over 2011 and forward to 2012. 

Like many crafty/arty bloggers I like to post some of my personal favourite makes from the year passing. It is a little self-indulgent I know but I like to think of it is an analytical exercise, a way of charting my progression through the year and to see what areas need more work. You may only see my favourites in this post but to get to these I have looked at everything I’ve published on my blog through 2011 the good and the bad!

So here are my 2011 personal favourites, in no particular order, and each title is a link to the original post if you wanted more details, materials links or something catches your eye:

An Octopode Factory Fabric piece from September

I love working with fabric and stitch, it is one of my favourite mediums, this piece uses quilting methods, image transfer, pencil colouring and distressing.

An Altered Sardine Tin from May

Another one of my favourite mediums is metal and rust and I just love recycling and constructing 3D forms so this altered sardine just resonates with me and was great fun to make.

A Textured ATC from August

Ok so this make may be a little less tactile than the first two makes but it still uses many different techniques with book pages, maps, stamping, embossing, watercolour stamping, grunging. I just love the ethereal look of the girls and the promise of mystery with the door in the background.

A Clean And Simple Card from October

This CAS card is a complete change of pace from the other makes but it is still one of my favourites and was a bit of a shock to me at how well it turned out LOL! It was obviously a fluke as I haven’t coloured this well since!

A PanPastel Piece from November

This was my first piece trying out PanPastels and I loved making it! It uses several different techniques with the PanPastels such as stamping, masking, colouring, grunging, blending and I’ve used a little bit of stitch as well.

An Inky Card from March

Another mixed media piece using several different techniques to add texture and another of my favourite fun makes from 2011 where I just got all inky and messy!

A Clean And Simple Card from July

So I am flip-flopping a bit between ultra messy and totally clean makes for my favourites list! But I am the sort of person that flip-flops between styles – commitment issues LOL! I just love the simplicity of this one and the Summer Orange and Cerise colour combo which is one of my favourites!

An Art Journal Page from March

Ok so having said I love CAS – which I do, but if I had to pick one thing that makes me very happy it would be getting messy with paints and that is what you see here with this Art Journal page. I’ve again used lots of different techniques for this one with some experimenting with inkjet printed photographs and stabilising them enough so that I could hand tint them with pens from Kuretake. Me in my element – experimenting and making a mess!

A Poppy Made From Sweet Wrappers from June

This was a tutorial I put together for my guest Muse spot with Gingersnap Creations blog and is all made from recycled items, sweet wrappers and card. Super fun to make with a bit of stamping and free motion embroidery thrown in for good measure!

Last But Not Least A Fabric ATC from August

So I started with a fabric favourite so what better way to end than another fabric make, this one uses some paint, rusting, stitching, distressing and stamping techniques and is definitely a favourite for 2011.


I would love to see your 2011 favourites so please do drop a link in the comments below and I will pop on over!

Thank you so much for joining me in this arty journey over 2011, I’ve loved all your comments and visiting all your wonderful blogs so full of inspiration! 

I look forward with excitement to travelling with you through a creative 2012.

Have a Wonderful New Year!




My Favourite Makes 2010

Hi Guys, we are at the eve of a New Year and it is only natural that we want to look back over the passing Year. I love hopping around people’s blogs at this time of year to see all their favourite makes and I’ve picked some of my favourites for 2010 to have them in one place. 

I was happy to find that I had a few favourites from 2010, you know how it is, sometimes you love what you do and sometimes you hate it (and sometimes both – do you get that?)!

 This year I found it quite hard to pick just 10 to show but I had to have a cut off point somewhere!

Enchanted Seamstress Picture from October

Mixed Media Gift Box from August

Life Tree Card from August

Live It Journal Page from September

Timely Rose Card from October

Walk In The Park Notebook from October

Had A Bad Day? Card from May

Mini-Us Anniversary Card from October 

Curiouser And Curiouser! Altered Book Page from April

Simply Handmade Card from June

It is fun to see how the work develops and the direction it goes through the year. A lot of my favourite makes seem to fall within the second half of this year. 

All years have their creative ups and downs, as I am finding out, and I definitely feel that I had a positive creative jolt in the second half of this year. I put a large portion of this change in my work down to starting to explore art journalling and a change in my own creative mindset. 

So it has definitely been a challengeing and interesting year for me. I look forward to seeing where it goes next year not just for me but for all of my crafty/arty bloggy friends, just the best creative community and I’m so happy to be a part of it!

Thank you for popping by and do leave me links to your 2010 catch-up posts so I can have a good nose 🙂



That Was 2009

Hey Guys, have you seen the look back at 2009 posts doing the card blog rounds? Well I saw it on Sarpreet’s blog and loved the idea so here is mine.

The idea is that you put up a favourite make from each month of 2009.

Warning – very picture heavy post!













Give me a shout when you have posted your favourites so that I can come and have a nosey 🙂


Looking Back On 2008

I thought I would do a look back on 2008. A number of fabby blogs have been posting their 10 favourite makes from 2008 and I thought what a good idea 🙂

So here are some of my favourites. They are in no particular order and in some cases it might be more about the creative journey than the outcome (does that sound poncey?). If you want to know more about the materials used etc then a click on the picture titles will take you to the original post.

Let me know if you have done a review, I would love to come and see your 2008 Favs.

Tearing Thanks

Stone Inchies

Jewels Galore

Home Sweet Home

Charming Sarah Kay

Autumn Trees

Spring Sarah Kay

Christmas Cupcake

Anniversary Paper Quilt

Pink Punk