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As Featured On The Blitsy Blog – How To Make A Bold Chalk Paint Journal Page

Time for my Blitsy blog tutorial and this week I’m sharing how to make a layered DecoArt Chalk Finish paint Art journal page.

[I do use affiliate links and there are some in this blog post.]

A DecoArt chalk paint art journal page from Kim Dellow

That stuff is not just for your furniture revamps, it looks great on paper too! I do love blues and reds together don’t you? There is something about that contrast that just pops for me, which is probably why I just keep going back to that colour combo.

You can follow all the steps and seeing all the layering that I did over on the Blitsy blog in my ‘How To Make A Bold Chalk Paint Journal Page’ blog post.

Have you used the DecoArt Chalk Finish paints for something other than furniture revamps? I would love to know!


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As Featured On Blitsy – How To Make Mixed Media Wall Art

Time for a tutorial share over on the Blitsy blog for the steps to make a textured canvas board project.

[I do use affiliate links and there are some in this blog post.]

Close up on a textured canvas board

You might just be able to tell from this cheeky sneaky peek (I wanted to say peeky then but perhaps that is an -eeky too far?!) that I’ve used a stencil to build up the texture and then there are several layers using different DecoArt Media paints to build up the colour.

You can see all the steps over on the Blitsy Blog.

Have a fun Saturday you all.

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Wednesday News

Hey up Wednesday! Nice to see you! But if you have popped by to see how my work in progress from the last two weeks is developing then I have a bit of a confession…

It hasn’t! It is still in the same form that I left it last week.

WIP week 2 progress

Ho Hum! It is still a mess in search of a theme, I’ve just not had a chance to continue on it as I’m working to deadlines for a few articles at the moment.

Of course I can’t wait to show you what I’m working on with the articles, as I am really enjoying doing them and hope you will like them too when you see them. But no sneak peeks I’m afraid until they hit the shelves in a few months time.

Ok, so what can I show you…erm…well I can share some news with you guys…

I’ve recently been accepted on the DecoArt Helping Artists program and their Blogger program too, which I am super excited about but I’m still trying to work out how it all works!

In the meantime I have been playing lots with the DecoArts Media range, as some of you might have noticed, and you can catch up with some of this work if you click on the pictures below:

Face painted with DecoArts Media paintWIP using DecoArts PaintsMixed Media card

The one thing I will make sure that I make time for this week is my face for Friday’s Art It Friday – Show Your Face.

Remember you still have time to link any portrait work you want to this week’s collection and the new collection will be starting on Friday from 10am (BST). Hope to see you there!

Catch you later Artinators!

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Mixed Media Greeting Card – Something Old Turned New

I think I might have a problem! I can not throw anything away.

Ok so we haven’t quite made any of the Hoarders Are Us programs on the telly yet but sometimes I think it might be close. I reckon you can empathise with me can’t you? I mean it is a bit of a crafters’ disease isn’t it?

Since the move last year I’ve been trying to streamline my studio space a bit and recycle what I can and get rid of unusable items. I was going through a box of bits of paper and experiments when I found these two items:

Some fabric and card work

I think I was experimenting with texture pastes and masks when I made these.

The heart was a crackle paste experiment on fabric. I’ve tried lots of different crackle pastes and mediums in my time, I think it might be the Golden crackle paste but I know how picky Golden crackle paste is about its substrate so it might be an embossing paste, not sure. Of course any sign of a label has gone – I so should have stuck it in an art journal.

Close up of a crackle paste heart on fabric

But I do know, by the pen work, that it was done when I was DTing for Kuretake so maybe from 2012 or 2013 – I told you I hold on to things!

I don’t think I ever meant to make anything from them but for some reason when I found them they just spoke to me.

And so from something old…

A mixed Media card

…a new card is born. Now if it only had something digital as well I could have linked it up to the new Old, New and Digital Too blog. Mmm… work in progress! Go check the new challenge out btw.

But I digress!

The new elements added were a little bit of stitch.

Stitching on the mixed media card

Some colour using items from the DecoArt Media range. For the drips I used the sprays which I’m loving by the way, they are quite different from other sprays I have used, I might have to do a blog post about them if I get the time!

DecoArt Media misters

Finished with a bit of stamping with Ranger Archival ink and one of my favourite Kaisercraft texture stamps.

Close up of the mixed media card

So that is me, starting the week with this mixed media card.

Thanks for popping by and I hope you have a lovely arty, crafty Monday.


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Work In Progress – Art In Search Of A Theme Week 2

Last Wednesday I started a new project working in a series and shared my first step here on my blog. So I am back this week to share how it is going and show the next steps in the process.

When I finished up the blog post last week I was trying to settle on a theme but a week later and I still could not focus my ideas and options.

Does that happen to you too? There are just too many options and nothing was really speaking to me so I’ve gone kind of theme-less.

Instead of a theme I thought I would just use a random collection of some of my handmade stamps.

A collection of handmade stamps

But before using the stamps I added some pseudo-writing (aka big squiggles that don’t say anything but look a little like writing) with a waterproof marker pen on different parts of each piece.

Adding texture with pseudo-writing

Next, using a brayer, the stamps and a limited colour palette of Yellow Green, Carbon Black and White gesso from the DecoArt Media range, 

DecoArt Media acrylic paint range

I went about adding marks on each piece.

Making marks on my wip

I tried to be random about it, but I can’t let go that easily and my designer eye is always looking for balance, it is a habit that is hard to break.

Adding stamping to my WIP

If I wanted the element to lift from the background I first stamped out the shape then filled it in with Gesso. Once the Gesso was dry I then re-stamped with the paint.

Two of four WIP pieces.

So the mess is progressing nicely. I’m still not sure where this WIP is going to go…

Two of four WIP pieces.

but that is part of the fun, right?

If you want to see how this WIP project started then visit this blog post:

First post in this WIP series

If we are lucky by next week I might have resolved this WIP series into something pretty, or then again I might not!

So a question for you, how do you come up with the theme of your work? Do you even bother with a theme or just work organically? I would love to hear your tricks and tips for making your art.

Have a fun arty Wednesday and don’t forget to link up any face art work you have to our Show Your Face community!


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Art It Friday – Show Your Face

Welcome to Art It Friday – Show Your Face! Thanks so much for joining in last week and if you haven’t had a chance go check out last week’s shared faces.

Are you ready for your weekly portrait share?

Good! Let’s get sharing!

I’ve not had a lot of chance to do much portrait work this week but I did manage to have a bit of play with this portrait made on an art journal page.

An Art journal portrait in Gesso and DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics

She is based on last week’s blue watercolour face but this time I used a combination of DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylic paints and Gesso applied with a palette knife to make this painting.

An Art journal portrait in Gesso and DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics full face

Ooo what fun! So I ‘drew’ out the face roughly in Gesso then before it had dried added colour by adding more gesso but this time tinted with the DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics.

I liked the texture and there was something very organic about making the face with a palette knife.

An Art journal portrait in Gesso and DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics close up

The art journal page already had some gesso texture and the green colouring, which I’m guessing was acrylic paint but I had made the background such a long time ago that I don’t remember exactly what I used. But I love the way you can just see that layer peeking through the face.

How about you? What faces have you been drawing or painting this week? 

Do share in the linky below. As before the face can be in any style and any medium as long as it is drawn, doodled, scribbled or painted and not done using a commercially bought stencil or stamp – well unless you designed that stencil or stamp that is!

Can’t wait to see your faces and don’t forget to shout it out, link to this post, share this post, let’s build our face community.

Catch you later Face-Artinators!


ps. If your art happens to be from an art journal page you have done this week then go link up with Julie Fei-Fan Balzer’s Art Journal Everyday post too!

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