Published: DIY Stamped Washi Tape For Creative Stamping 32

I don’t know about you but I am a bit of a pushover for Washi tape. I know! Still!

I can’t seem to get enough of the stuff. My draws are quite literally stuffed with Washi tape. I’m just a sucker for the cute little designs and fabulous colours, they attract me like a paper-hoarding magpie. Is that just me or do you have the same problem?

Well in my article for this month’s Creative Stamping magazine, issue 32, I’ve got some tips for making your own fabulous Washi tape designs. 

Peek at Kim Dellow's DIY Washi tape article in Creative Stamping 32

[Photo credit: Practical Publishing International]

It is super-easy and means that you can totally bespoke your Washi tape to your heart’s content and make it in bulk to use later too. So now we don’t have to buy any more Washi tape. Yeah! Right! Who are am I kidding? We will still go and buy Washi Tape won’t we? But we will just be adding our own designs to our collection too won’t we?! Oh yep! Well I know I will anyway!

If you fancy making your own Washi tape then all the details are in the Creative Stamping magazine, issue 32 and you might want to check the stamp set this month too. It is a Summer themed set, just perfect for the rest of July and into August. Hopefully we will get some sunny weather, but if not you can make sunny projects instead!

Oh and don’t leave me hanging here, let me know if you are a Washi tape fanatic too in the comments below. Washi tape sisters and brothers have to stick together! Ha Ha, Did you see what I did there?


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Behind The Scenes Tips From Wonderful Wall Art Creative Stamping

Have you seen the wonderful Summer Collection stamps that come with the current issue of Creative Stamping yet? When I first saw these stamps I was immediately transported to summer holidays and bright colours.

A sneak peek into Creative Stamping issue 25

I don’t know if I am allowed to have favourites from the set but I really love the flamingo stamp (flamingos are SO hot right now!) and the bird of paradise. I mean the rest of the stamps are pretty gorgeous too but those popped out first for me.

My article was all mixed media wall art inspiration using the collection and you can see all the details and projects in Creative Stamping Issue 25. But I do have a picture that didn’t make it into the magazine just for YOU.

Using mock ups to design wall art

It is a little peak into how I set about designing the Bird of Paradise project from the article and a couple of handy tips for your projects:

1. Mock It Up!
I often mock up my makes before glueing down to give me an idea about placement of the elements. I use the items themselves or, like in the case of the stamped bird, I stamp it on spare paper, roughly cut it out and use it to help decide where things need to go.

2.  Don’t Freak Out!
Later in the process I stamped the bird of paradise on the canvas board then proceeded to cover it up with paint. It can be a bit scary to do this. But don’t freak out about losing all the lovely stamp details. You will lose a bit of the detail but you will also add a bit of your own details that will make the final project unique to you.

Two general rules of thumb that can be applied to a lot of situations really, I use them a lot.  For pictures of the finished wall art and instructions on how to make them check Creative Stamping 25 and when you do come back and give me a shout as to which of the stamps from the Summer Collection are your favourites!


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Magazine Monday

It is magazine time and some new mags have hit the shelves! Yay! That’s tea breaks this week sorted then.

First up is the Creative Titles, there is a new issue of Creative Stamping (issue 17)

And Creative Cardmaking (issue 68).

And would you believe it, I made the main cover girl on both! Ooooo! Big smiles from me, lovely way to start my week (thanks Laura!).

Also out in the shops is the new issue of Simply Cards and Papercraft (issue 124)

I’m really looking forward to getting a peak at this one as I’ve shared a peak into one of my SMASH books. Mmm I really should share some of my SMASH book pages here too.

How about you? Are you a SMASHer? If you do I would love to see it! I love looking at people’s journals! Is that nosy of me?

Whilst I’m at the magazine shout outs you might want to also check out the Bumper issue 50 of Complete Cardmaking too!

Well, look, before I leave you to your reading list this week make sure that you add Julie Kirk’s blog Notes On Paper to the list, she is revisiting her fab Push-Up Bra Approach to Blogging. If you are having a bit of the blogging lull, and let’s face it we all do from time to time, then you NEED to read her blog.

Catch you later Readinators



Some Reading For The Weekend – Simply Cards And Papercraft, Creative Stamping

Friday again and some treats for the weekend. It is magazine heads-up time!

Two reads for the weekend, issue 16 of Creative Stamping is out…

Would you adam and eve it, I made the main card on the cover *squeal* ! I do love it when that happens and I always seem to have to do a weird double-take to convince myself that it is actually one of my cards! What am I like? Anyway, you might want to check out the stamps with this issue, some lovely nature stamps with bees, birds, birdcage and eggs all firm faves with me anyway!

Also out is the newest issue of Simply Cards and Papercraft, issue 122.

This month I’m playing with coloured silhouette stamping using some lovely stamps from Joy! Crafts which you can find over at Crafts U Love

The cover gift this month is three lovely Spring-themed embossing folders and I actually got a chance to use these with the Core’dinations card cover gift that you can get with Papercraft Essentials 105 so check out that magazine as well for some more inspiration.

There you go, this week’s reading list! I don’t know about you but I’m looking forward to a cuppa, feet up and some magazines to flick through. Although I’m not sure I really deserve such a treat as this week seems to have vanished and I haven’t accomplished much *sigh* .

Hope that your week has been more productive than mine and enjoy your weekend!

Catch you later craftinators.



Reading For The Weekend

Hey, hey, hey, would you Adam and Eve it? It’s the weekend! Well that kind of snuck up on us again, or did it just snuck up on me? I’m trying to beat the clock and the last post times to get some commissions finished before breaking up for Christmas, so please forgive me for being a little quiet on the old t’internet. But I’ve got some fun projects lined up so watch this space!

In the meantime I’m just dropping in with some weekend reading from Practical Publishing that you might want to checkout inbetween decorating Christmas trees, wrapping presents or whatever fun you have planned for this weekend.

Simply Cards and Papercrafts 118 was out in the shops yesterday.

Checkout the cute free digital Monster stamps from Kate Hadfield. My offering this month is a Sizzix eclips review with some cards and you can spot one of them on the bottom left hand of the cover.

Next up is Issue 14 of Creative Stamping which hit the shops last week (sorry, playing a bit of catch-up!)

Checkout the fabulous vintage feel cover stamps this month and I got to make some favours boxes with them.

There are lots of wonderful makes from lots of super talented folks in both magazine as always. I just love reading through my copies and seeing what folks are up too so hope you enjoy them too.

Mmm they might go well with some mince pies. I’m actually thinking of making my own mince pies this year. My Mum makes the best mince pies in the world, so not sure I can ever top that, but hopefully they will be better than some of the shop bought ones I’ve had in the past. Wish me luck!

Catch you later Craftinators



Looking For Some Autumn Inspiration?

Hey guys, how was your weekend? It was a busy one for us, some sharing time with family, which was lovely, and a naughty purchase of some fluorescent paint that I’ve had my eye on for ages…Just can’t stop loving the neon!

I also managed to squeeze in a couple of DT jobs, much to my amazement.

Well I’m just here for a quick heads-up, it is a new magazine for me, I’ve not been in this one before, but I was so pleased to be able to get my Prismacolor pencils out to flex my colouring muscles again on the lovely Autumn stamp set you get with Creative Stamping Issue 12.

Keep you eye out for this one and checkout the stamps.

Catch you later, got some fluorescent colour to splash around!