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Learn How To Draw And Paint Mixed Media Faces

You all know that I’m pretty much obsessed with drawing and painting faces don’t you? If you are a regular to my blog then you can’t have helped but notice the weekly community art share link up that I host called Show Your Face. Well if you are fan too of drawing and painting faces on your mixed media projects and in your art journal then you are going to love this new Creating Faces video from the people who bring you Craft Stamper Magazine.

Trish Latimer, editor of Craft Stamper, along with three other designers Tracy Scott, Clare Lloyd and Kim Dellow (Hold on! That is ME!) are sharing how they create their mixed media faces in ‘Creating Faces’ the video, coming to a DVD player, Bluray player or the Traplet online streaming/ download site NOW!

Creating Faces Video showing how to add faces to your mixed media work

Ok so I might be getting a bit excited, I could hear that deep film announcer guy’s voice in my head just now (could you hear him too or was that just me?).

Anyway, I AM pretty excited because, well 1. I’m one of the designers sharing how I make one of my illustrative faces and 2. I’ve seen all the videos and they are pretty fab! Each designer shares all their tips and tricks and you get to see the whole process in real time.

If you are new to face drawing and painting each designer goes through all the steps they take from start to finish so it is a great place to start. If you are further along with your own face art there are plenty of techniques and tips to add your mixed media toolbox and adapt to your own practice.


Back cover of the Creating Faces video

Creating Faces is available in a choice of formats: £14.95 Bluray, £12.95 DVD £2.50 single download or £8.95 for all four downloads and you can find the Bluray and DVD in the Traplet shop and the downloads on the Traplet streaming/ download page.

But you might want to get yourself along to the Craft Stamper Facebook page as they are doing a GIVEAWAY!

Hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed putting it together.



*** 12th April 2018 Update – I am sorry to say that this video is no longer available. But in happy news, keep your eyes on my blog or my YouTube channel as I have some face videos coming later this year! ***


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Craft Stamper Magazine And Free Stamp

It is Friday…I’ve got two articles made and ready to post off to my editors…the weekend is stretched out in front of us…I’ve got a day of fun arting planned with my cousin this weekend…lots of reasons to be cheerful.

But wait a minute, it is FRIDAY, that means Craft Stamper is out in the newsagents with my free retro camera stamp on the front cover…Yay!

I made some samples for the magazine showcasing different ways to use the stamp, using it on scrapbook pages, cards and album covers. But here is a bonus make for my blog readers and you know I’ve been a bit watercolour obsessed, well here is how the stamp looks on a watercolour background.

Single Layer Handmade card with watercolour and Retro Camera Stamp from Kim Dellow

I’ve added some texture with salt to the watercolour washes and the sentiment is brush written. If you are connected to my Instagram account you will have seen me practising.

Handmade Greeting card using Watercolour and stamping

I wrote ‘Smile’ so many times that I started to think I was spelling it wrong.

If you get the magazine I hope you enjoy your new stamp and do come back with links to anything you make using it, I would love to see.

Right, got to go parcel up some article makes.

See you later Stampinators.



Retro Camera Stamp For Craft Stamper

Retro camera stamping fans you might want to keep your eye out for March issue of Craft Stamper

Craft Stamper Magazine March Issue Free Stamp Designed by Kim Dellow

Hold on a minute…what is that? Is that my name? Yep! I designed the free cover stamp for Craft Stamper this month! No way? Way!

I might be a bit excited about having one of my designs made into physical form, what a rush.

The magazine hits the shelves on Friday 6th February 2015.

Hope that you like it and I would love to see what you do with it so do come back and put a link in the comments so I can take a look!

Catch you later Stampinators!



Craft Stamper – June 2014

Hey Guys, have you seen the latest Craft Stamper, June issue?

Ooo! I made some Father’s Day things for this month, check out the picture frame on the top left hand corner, that’s me! The magazine is full of amazing inspiration as always.

Now if you happen to be in the Crawley Hobbycraft on Saturday come and say hi and checkout the Fiskars Fuse too! If you can’t make it but want to see the Fuse in action then you can see all the demos going on over at the Fiskars News page.

Catch you later.



The New Issue Of Craft Stamper

Another magazine shout-out and today it is for the March Issue of Craft Stamper.

Have you seen the cute little cover stamp? Very sweet. So my offering this month is in the Around the House series and I’ve taken a teaspoon, some magazine pages and some chilli flakes and decorated a canvas with the help of the fab SCACD Susana Loves Stamps that you can find over at Quixotic Paperie for UK/EU or at SCACD for US/Canada.

Ok so catch you later and have a fun Sunday.

Love ya




Crackle, Crackle, Toil And More Crackle

Who has got the latest Craft Stamper?

And who likes Crackle?

ME! ME! ME! I hear you all cry!

Well that is lucky! The December issue of Craft Stamper has a compare and contrast crackle pastes, gels, and techniques masterclass from me ‘coz I am a complete crackle-head!

So if you are a crackle-head too then check it out and start crackling!

It’s got some old favourites such as the PVA Crackle technique and some new like the Kroma Crackle medium as well as the yummy cupcakes from Alice Palace Crafty Individuals collection and some frames made from cereal boxes and the Silhouette Cameo

Crackle on Artinators.



Just Spotted On…

I’ve just spotted that a project I made a few years back has made it onto the Craft Stamper/ Inspired To Make website.

If you have got the Sept 2011 issue of Craft Stamper you might recognise it. It is a notebook that has a big sentimental value for me for lots of reasons so I hope you enjoy this project revisit. You can see the step by steps over on the new Inspired To Make website

Some circuit board tips for you: before you go breaking up circuit boards avoid things older than 2006, don’t forget to wear protective gear and stay away from large capacitors and flash units because they can hold their charge for a long time after disconnection from the power source and may still be able to give you an electric shock.

Ahhh I love recycling things!

Catch you later.



Another Magazine To Tempt The Creative Taste Buds…

Another magazine to keep an eye out for, the new Craft Stamper is out in the shops…

And the lovely Sarah Engels-Greer is the cover girl this month! She always makes beautiful stuff which you can see over at her blog La-De-Dah.

So I have some makes in this issue using an alcohol rub back technique you might want to play with.

BTW Craft Stamper have a DT call out if you are interested on getting your work published you should definitely check it out right away!

Catch you later.