Video Hop: 1 Stamp 3 Ways

Who fancies a video hop?! You do? Great because we have one going on right here! Welcome to the 1 Stamp 3 Ways video hop! Michelle Short, Sharon Curtis and myself thought it might be fun to do a little video hop where we each make a project using a stamp set and share the project on each of our YouTube channels. The stamp…


VIDEO: Art Slice – My New Weekly Mini Art Video Series

Have you spotted my new weekly mini-video series yet? I've started doing a weekly time-lapse video share on Instagram for all you art and making fans and I'm calling it 'Art Slice' as it is a little slice of my latest art obsession and a peek into whatever I am working on at the moment. [I do use affiliate links and there…


VIDEO: PaperArtsy Infusions Meet Embossing/ Watermark Ink

New video time! This week I wanted to share with you how to use the PaperArtsy Infusions with Versamark. If you haven't yet come across them, PaperArtsy Infusions are a water-soluble powdered pigment mixed with walnut crystals. Sprinkle them on a surface and add water, or a medium, and they develop into intense colour, then a few seconds later the walnut crystals…


Video: Reusing Flyers

Time for a new video! I'm on a video roll, in fact I was so much on a roll that I did not spot the spelling mistake. D'oh! But poor spelling aside this video shows you a great way to source free art journals plus it has a little tour inside some of my art journals too. I talk about my junk…


Video: Get The Faux Print Look

As filming tutorials go I am totally at the absolute beginner stage, but it is something I've been wanting to do more of for ages now. However, I keep putting it off because I want the films to be good, not just good Perfect! If you are going to do something do it well, right? Yeah, well I think I'm changing that…

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