VIDEO: Try This Watercolor Painting Texture Technique

I love playing around with watercolor painting textures! There are lots of different ways to make really interesting watercolor textured backgrounds and features for your art journal pages, painting projects and even for cardmaking too, it is the medium that just keeps on giving! So today I am sharing a painting texture that I have been experimenting with and I have a…


VIDEO: 5 Ways With Background Dies

What are your favourite background dies at the moment and how do you use them? Do tell in the comments below, I would love to hear because today I have a video with my five favourite ways to use background dies. The ideas that I am sharing today are perfect for mixed media, art journaling and painting techniques but also card making…


Looking For Advice PLUS VIDEO: Art Slice Round-Up April 2017

So I have been a little bit quieter than usual on social media recently for a few reasons. One fun reason is that I am trying to redesign my blog and perhaps even my whole career at this point. But the not so fun reason is that this is kind of leading me to a total paralysing overload and burnout. Too many…


VIDEO: Easy Flower Painting Technique

Do you like getting your fingers covered in paint? Well if you do then I am sharing the perfect easy flower painting technique for your art journaling today in my video this week. Yep it is all finger painting this week. But never fear, if you don't like getting your fingers dirty then you can always use gloves for this one! Finger…


VIDEO: Drawing With Ink Pads

Are you a stamper? Do you have ink pads? I would not quite call myself a stamper, although I have stamped a lot in the last few years, but I have still managed to collect quite a few ink pads! Wow, how useful these little tools are! You don't have to just use them for stamping do you? There are a whole…


VIDEO: Stencil Rubbing Art Journal Project

Don't adjust your screen! You aren't having a weird déjà vu and you haven't suddenly realised that you are in the Matrix and seeing a repeat of the same thing! This is an entirely different blog post to the one about a month ago. Well, ok, it isn't entirely different as it is the same project, but this time it comes with…


VIDEO: Art Slice March Round-Up

April is here and so is my March Art Slice video round-up ready for a bit of creative inspiration to help get you excited and buzzing for some art making over the weekend I hope! It's a mixed batch of illustrative, pattern and mixed media this month so I hope you find something that makes you feel like sharpening your pencils, breaking…


VIDEO: Watercolour And Pen Project Walkthrough

Do you like blooms? I bit of an odd question I know! Ok, let me explain! I'm not talking about flowers but I'm talking about watercolour blooms, you know that jaggered edge texture you that can develop when two wet areas of watercolours meet? Some people don't like them but I really like the texture that they make and they are totally…

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