PaperArtsy Found Object Gel Skin

I was on the PaperArtsy blog recently with a project for their Found Objects theme, did you see it? I decided to go for a gel skin-based project using an old washer and a large grommet both found in the street, 'coz that is what I do, I find rubbish in the street and recycle it into art. Basically I am a…


VIDEO: Easy Flower Painting Technique

Do you like getting your fingers covered in paint? Well if you do then I am sharing the perfect easy flower painting technique for your art journaling today in my video this week. Yep it is all finger painting this week. But never fear, if you don't like getting your fingers dirty then you can always use gloves for this one! Finger…


Turn Your Art Into Patterns

Do you ever turn your work into pattern? It is something I have been playing with on and off for a while now. I think it is a fabulous way to extend the life of your artwork and create something new from the work you have already done. Do you remember the Art Journal page cushions I made way back in January…


AS FEATURED ON: The PaperArtsy Blog – Little Door

Are you fascinated by doors? I am! Totally beguiled by them. What do you think it is that is so enticing about them? For me I think it is the idea of all the wonderful possibilities that may lie behind them. What about you? Is that the same for you? Well if, like me, you are enchanted by doors then the challenge…


Art Journal Page: Stencil Rubbing

Did you have a nice and creative weekend? What did you get up to? Manage to throw some paint around, or get some stitching done, or perhaps you did some drawing? Drawing was my weekend creative fun but I'm actually going to start the week with an art journal share. Did you happen to see my Art Slice video on Friday? If…


VIDEO: DIY 3D Paper Birds

Do you ever take your art off the page and turn it 3D? It can be great fun and can literally add a new dimension to how you think about your work! If it isn't something that you already do then can I suggest this project as a good starting point to get you off the page? It is super simple and…

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