VIDEO: How To Start A Page From The Focal Image

Today I thought we could have a play with the whole art journal or mixed media project making process and turn it on it's head! Reverse it! Make the page backwards! Ok, so what I really mean is let's just start with the focal image and see how we can make the art from there. What steps will we need to do…


VIDEO: Layer With Me Step By Step

Welcome to your 'Layer With Me' video and it is here as a big thank you to you for getting me to 10K subs on YouTube. You voted for it and it is finally here! So I hope you enjoy it. Remember to watch it through, then bookmark the video to work through the layers at your own speed, pausing when you…


VIDEO: 3 Paper Doodling Ideas Using Someone Else’s Papers

If you still haven't tried Paper doodling then maybe my three paper doodling projects this week will get you cutting! I have swapped out my own leftover papers for some gorgeous paper downloads that I bought from the lovely Judy who owns the Etsy shop JADESMiXEdMediaArt. They are so rich and full of details and color that I just had to try…


VIDEO: Paper Doodles – Part 2

How have you been getting on with your paper doodles? Do you remember last week I showed you how to do the Paper Doodles technique. Well, I hope you have been having fun with them! So I am back today with another paper doodle to give you some more inspiration. Don't forget to watch the original video that shows you how to…


VIDEO: How To Paper Doodle And Use Up Your Leftover Papers

  I have been doodling quite a lot recently in my videos haven't I? I've doodled with all sorts of different materials, you can see me doodle with acrylic paint and soft pastels or watercolors and ink in my last two videos. This week I am also doodling and I have a new doodle creative exercise to share with you that I…


VIDEO: Making An Acrylic Paint And Pastel Doodle Painting

  I thought I would break out the soft pastels for today's pastel doodle project. Do you use them? They aren't the first coloring material that I usually reach for but I thought it would be fun play with them and see what I could do. I am using them with acrylic paint so I have some tips on how to use…


VIDEO: Saving Messy Art PLUS DIY Sticky Masks

I love messy art! I think it is totally part of the process and has so many important uses for us as artists. But I also know that messy art can be frustrating sometimes and we might end up feeling that we have gone too far and need to ditch the art or recycle it.  If you have gone through this too…


VIDEO: More Gel Printing Ideas – Reuse Masking Film!

Gel printing cards again this week and sticking with that double-sided card idea, if you missed it check last week's post for the first card in this series. This week I found a couple of faces in the gel print design! So had to try and bring them out! But faces aren't the only thing I thought I would try out this…


VIDEO: Easy Painted Doodle Inspiration

  Hey all, it is a new video day and this week I have a painted doodle, collage page in my junk journal for some inspiration for you. I am just loving layering doodles and paint marks at the moment and each time I do it they seem to get more complex. I am challenging myself to see how many layers I…

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