Coming Up In June 2024 Art Club

Coming Up In June 2024 Art Club

Hey Amazing Artist,

June is here so would you like a peek at the creative exercises we will be playing with this month? It’s a month of colour and composition experiments to get us creating and inspired whilst we grow our confidence and our art practice. All kicking off on the 1st June with some play based on being free and experimental and trying to step a little outside of our usual practices.

I love playing like this and surprising myself. It is a great way to keep your creativity fresh and finding those unique ways that you like to do things.


Journal Club

We are going to keep the playful vibe going in Journal Club too but this time with a focus on colour and finding your ways to play with colour. It is always a fascinating subject isn’t it?! And you can see how I picked the colours for this abstract leafy piece. As I grow it layer by layer, going from random colours to honing into a combination and getting it to work in a way that makes you happy in your work.


In The Studio

We have two different exercises for all of the Studio Clubbies tiers. The sister page to Journal club but this time focusing on animals from my recent trip to Japan. In this project we will be seeing how we can evolve our ideas as we work with colours and how we use them. But also with the way we grow and add interest to a piece.

Then we will be changing up mediums to work on our compositions using collage. Making time to play on what you love in your compositions is a useful way to strengthen your understanding of what works in your work and what doesn’t. It is a great way to get you listening to yourself.

I find that using collage for this helps me to be bold in my decision making. It’s all about staying open and free with it.


May 2024 Art Pack Download

And of course we have a new art pack to play with too for those of you on one the download tiers. And this month we are leaning into muted colours with our usual mix of different animals, florals and abstracts to keep you playing through the month.

So if you are a Studio or Studio PLUS Clubbie or on either of the two founder member tiers then get ready for the new download on the 3rd of June.

New To My Art Club? These Are The Tiers:

JOURNAL CLUBBIES: If you want a monthly process to fill your art journal or sketchbook over time. And you also get all of the Journal Clubbies videos going back to June 2022. Join here.

STUDIO LITE CLUBBIES: If you want the Journal Clubbies videos and ‘In The Studio’ videos but don’t want the download or download inspiration video. You also get all of the process videos going back to January 2022. Join here.

STUDIO CLUBBIES: If you want the Journal Clubbies video and ‘In The Studio’ videos AND a monthly art download to play with PLUS the inspiration video for using your download. And you also get all of the process and download videos going back to January 2022. Join here.

STUDIO PLUS CLUBBIES: If you want it ALL! Get all the new content each month, just as with the Studio Clubbies tier but with ALL of the back catalogue of content too! That is all of the monthly art downloads since Sept 2019, all of the art videos and exercises since June 2018! It will definitely keep you arting and playing! Join here.

FREE CLUBBIES: If you want to keep up-to-date with all the goings on in Art Club, with weekly prompts to help you with your arting, but aren’t ready or able to pay yet, for whatever reason! You can still join my art community here. There is a tip jar if you did want to send me something on a more ad hoc bases and you can find that in my shop.

And don’t forget you can change tiers, pause or cancel at any time. Find out how HERE.

It is going to be a fun month of creativity so I hope you can join me! See you there!

Happy Arting,


ps. You can catch up with an over-view of each month in Art Club HERE!

Kim Dellow

Kim Dellow is an artist–designer–film-maker living the creative life in London, UK. She's a freelance creative for the craft industry and others, and she loves to share her art-ventures on her blog.

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