Grab Your FREE Course With One BADASS Art Journal 2024!

Grab Your FREE Course With One BADASS Art Journal 2024!

Big Season’s Greetings to you if you are celebrating at the moment! I hope you are able to grab some art time today. Making time for art has been so important this year and I think it will be the same again next your don’t you?

So I wanted to just give you a big heads-up that there isn’t much time to get an amazing art deal with the One BADASS Art Journal 2024 course! Not only can you get

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but you can ALSO GET:

One BADASS Art Journal 2020 FREE as well!

PLUS your coupon code works for the other bundles too so if you have missed previous years you might want to take advantage now.

Do be quick as the offer ends the 31st December 2023 so don’t miss it!

One BADASS Art Journal is a wonderful place to free up your art. The course starts 5th February and runs February-May 2024. It is 17 BADASS Instructors. 17 BADASS Mixed Media Lessons. One BADASS Art Journal.

This year the theme is EXPLORE YOUR inner BADASS and it is about empowering, inspiring and encouraging you to EXPLORE YOUR inner BADASS through BADASS Mixed Media Art techniques and lessons.

In the One BADASS Art Journal 2024 workshop you’ll:

  • get 17 badass art journal lessons (includes a book making lesson)
  • learn BADASS mixed media techniques
  • be infused with confidence, creativity and inspiration
  • learn great tips and tricks you can use again and again
  • play with a variety of tools, adding to your skills
  • experience beautiful colour combinations and blending techniques
  • make BADASS, mixed media, art journal pages

For my class this year we are going to put our doodles to good use and just having fun connecting with our playful art selves!

So I hope you will come and play and make good use of your Early Bird offers! Remember they are ending soon! Use BOLD20 for your 20% off and FREE course HERE!

Happy arting,


Free up your art and build your confidence in One BADASS Art Journal 2024.

(PLUS One BADASS Art Journal 2020).

USE: BOLD20 for 20% off!

Kim Dellow

Kim Dellow is an artist–designer–film-maker living the creative life in London, UK. She's a freelance creative for the craft industry and others, and she loves to share her art-ventures on her blog.

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