Coming Up In Art Club June 2023

Animals And Colour

June Art Club is all about animals and colour! Come and play with different ways to make animal portraits and explore playing with your colours whilst you do.

Journal Club

Kick off June with an exploration into abstracts and imagination. I have two exercises all about being free and playing with your marks.

Explore finding images in your marks and bringing them out and developing them then have a go at pushing your colours further with some free play to try different effects of one combination.

Studio Clubbies
In The Studio

Keep on working with your colour play as you explore more animal portraits, first with a pencil and acrylic paint process on kraft paper and playing with a hare subject.

Then delve into pushing the colours to add interest and texture with a red panda portrait.

This month is all about playing and exploring and using your textures and colours so the subjects can be anything, it is the processes that will help you play and explore your art!

June 2023 Art Download (Studio, Studio PLUS Clubbies)

More colour and animals in this month’s download too. All the animals from the project this month will be available in the Digi-Delightfuls printable art pack for the Studio and Studio PLUS Clubbies tiers. And I will be back near the end of the month with some inspiration for using your pack.

If you are looking to explore your drawing and painting and like animal subjects then this is the perfect month for you and I am looking forward to arting with you!

Happy arting,

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