Join Me On Scribble Owls – My New Mixed Media Workshop

Mixed Media owl art from Kim Dellow's new Scribble Owls workshop

Come and Scribble Owls with me in my new mixed media workshop!

It has been a long time coming and you have been asking for workshops, well now I can add them to what I can offer you to help you with your art! Yay!

So for my first full online workshop I wanted to put together somewhere that we could play and explore different art techniques in a fearless and fun way.

I’ve split up the workshop into short warm-up projects to get you working and trying new skills out, a main project with lots of layers and a shorter project to get you thinking in a different way. There are bonus projects too. So lots to play with! And we are working with an owl theme to keep us focused as we play. 

It is a stand alone workshop, so it isn’t part of Patreon but my patrons do get a money off coupon so if you are a patron, or are planning to be one, then check your patron messages! 

You can do the workshop at your own pace, it is in its own exclusive online space that you can log onto to watch the videos or if you prefer you can also download them and keep them too. And there is a handy workbook to download, which has your owl reference photo and that is designed to help you keep track as you work through the workshop.

So have a peek at the projects we will be doing in my video today and then come and join me to Scribble Owls! I can’t wait to see your Scribble Owl projects!

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Join Me On Scribble Owls – My New Mixed Media Workshop




As I put together more workshops do let me know what you would like. I am happy to take on suggestions.

Have fun with your Scribble Owls!



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