VIDEO: Easy Watercolour Doodle

Bright watercolour doodle by Kim Dellow


Let’s play with a watercolour doodle! Doodling seems to be as much as I can muster at the moment, what with the crayons last week and this easy way of adding lots of textures to a watercolour doodle today. 

I am using watercolour pens for my watercolour doodle but don’t worry if you don’t have any. You can swap in any water-reactive colouring materials, so watercolour paints, pencils, other types of pens. Whatever you have to hand.


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VIDEO: Easy Watercolour Doodle





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Close-up of Bright watercolour doodle by Kim Dellow


Watercolours are such a lovely medium to play with and doing a watercolour doodle from time to time is a great way to really learn and push them. So if you have fun with today’s video I do have more of course! 

If you want to learn more techniques for using with your watercolour pens I have a video full of them

Enjoy your watercolour doodle!


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