VIDEO: Easy And Relaxing Art – Watercolour Paint And Pen Doodle

Watercolour and ball point pen doodle in blue and pink by Kim Dellow

Mini-doodles on coloured backgrounds is like one of my go-to creative tricks for creating when I am in a hurry and don’t have much time, or for those moments when I am actually feeling not that creative.

And I have been having both of those art-troubles this week so I have a watercolour paint and pen doodle to share with you today. And I hope that you enjoy watching this colourful doodle grow! The added bonus is that it is also relaxing isn’t it?!

A few weeks ago I shared an acrylic paint and pen version that you can catch up with after this one if you missed it!

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VIDEO: Easy And Relaxing Art – Watercolour Paint And Pen Doodle



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close-up of watercolor and pen doodle in pin and blue by Kim Dellow

I have put all of my recent into one video playlist for you, all ready for you to binge watch if you need some more easy and relaxing art!


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