VIDEO: Art Painting Process -Did I Go Too Far?

Mixed media art with lots of acrylic paint and crayon work by Kim Dellow


Sometime in my painting process, when I make my mixed media pieces, like art journal pages or the other pieces that I do, I can get to a point when I don’t want to add another layer. Do you know what I mean? I don’t feel the piece is finished but I’m scared to add another layer in case I mess it up. I mean it is ok as it isn’t it? Why should I add another layer and risk that mess up?

Well, this week I thought I would try a little creative exercise and share the results with you in this timelapse video so that you can watch the whole painting process. And I hope that you have fun trying this exercise in your own work too!


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VIDEO: Art Painting Process -Did I Go Too Far?





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Close-up of the acrylic paint and crayon layers for an art piece by Kim Dellow


I hope you enjoyed watching this painting process. So what do you think? To many layers? 

If you wanted some more guided videos then have you tried this yet? 

Or what about some ? 


Have fun creating today!


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