VIDEO: Watercolor And Ink Doodle artwork – Trying New Products

Watercolor and ink doodle by Kim Dellow

Doodling is very much on my mind again this week and I have a watercolor and ink doodle to share with you this time in my weekly art week. If you missed it last week I was using acrylic paint and soft pastels to make a doodle. But you know how much I like to mix up my media! So this week I am testing out some new-to-me watercolor paints and paper and talking through my process for testing new products too.

Enjoy the watercolor doodle and there is a side piccy of the final project as well as a peek of my Daily Doodle Diary below!

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VIDEO: Watercolor And Ink Doodle artwork – Trying New Products




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Arches Cold Press Watercolor Paper Block (10 am x 25 cm / 3.9 in x 9.8 in)
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Goldline Studio watercolor paper (200gsm/ 90lbs cold press) and alternatives in the US and CAN
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Palette knives
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Schmincke Horadam Watercolor Paint (I’m using the leather case limited edition set but I have linked to Schmincke Horadam paints)
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Pentel Refillable Pocket Brush Pen
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Sharpie Fine Tip Pens
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Golden Regular gel (Gloss)
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Kraft Card blanks (I had some generic card blanks but I know these papermania ones are nice too, but shop around as the prices vary widely. They are cheap here in the UK but can be expensive elsewhere!)
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Jackson’s Kolinsky Sable Series 920 (size 5) (Can get on Amazon but check Jackson’s art first as might be cheaper to get direct – the and they do a free worldwide brush delivery over £20)
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Jackson’s Art Raven mop brush size 10/0 But check Jackson’s first as could work out cheaper for you and they do free worldwide shipping on brush only orders over £20)
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You can find a list of my favorite and most used art supplies here.

side view of the finished doodle project, pens and sketching book by Kim Dellow

I have more watercolor videos for you too!

Have a great creative day


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Kim Dellow

Kim Dellow is an artist–designer–film-maker living the creative life in London, UK. She's a freelance creative for the craft industry and others, and she loves to share her art-ventures on her blog.

This Post Has 5 Comments

  1. Rena

    Just came across it on youtube… it is just amazing!
    Schmincke Watercolors are some of the best, I had these as well as I tried my hands with watercolors some decades ago. It didn’t work, not because of the wrong colors, but because of me as I didn’t do abstract paintings. Now I know this is the only thing I can do. Can’t even paint an apple for the life of me LOL
    I bought recently a pad of watercolor paper because I like the structure and it can be used with watered down acrylics or inks as well. It is from “I LOVE ART”, the house brand from Gerstaecker. They do have a shop in London:
    GreatArt London Shoreditch, 41-49 Kingsland Road, London, E2 8AG –
    The other paper I use when using paper is from reeves, a sketchpad A3/50 sheets and is good value for money.
    Greetings Rena

    1. Kim Dellow

      Hey Rena,

      Oh thanks for the recommendation! I have not tried the Gerstaecker paper so I will. I love I LOVE ART 😀 😀 😀 It is a wonderful shop.

  2. Rena

    I already left a comment yesterday… but it seems to have gone missing 🙁
    This one is amazing! I found that on youtube. Schmincke are one of the best water colors, so you made a good choice. I had them decades ago.
    The watercolor paper I have is from I LOVE ART, the house brand from Gerstaecker. It is very good value for money. Even not having any watercolor paints, the paper can be used for other paints as well as I like to water down acrylics or normal ink.
    They have a shop in London if you wanna have a look
    I also buy their canvas boards, sometimes other stuff online. It is a German company. You can also buy from the English website online. And they have an Affiliate Program as well Basically there is nothing they don’t have.
    I also have an A3 sketch pad from reeves as that fits many purposes and comes with a good price.
    Right now I use acrylics from el Greco, bought them at different places. They are very buttery and perfekt for using with a palette knife or the famous plastic card 🙂
    My black acryl marker is from Kreul. They do good paints as well.
    Lids from jam jars or these plastic lids from big yoghurt pots are my palettes. Empty jars and sometimes a can are for my brushes, palette knifes, rulers, and whatever fits in. My paintbrushes are on the cheaper site and I buy them in bulks, sometimes in DIY stores, dependig on the size needed.
    I hope that comment does not missing again.
    Greetings from rather hot Germany

    1. Kim Dellow

      Great recommendations Rena. I have seen the Kreul markers so I will definitely give them a try next time I spot one!
      Sorry about the comments. I have comment monitoring on, so your comments aren’t disappearing they just haven’t been published yet. I have to approve all the comments before they are set to public! I wasn’t around to publish them so they look like they have disappeared but they haven’t!
      Hope you are having a lovely Sunday.

  3. Rena

    So that was because I had to restart the pc that it looked like the comments were lost? Ok, so I will try to remember that and not to embarass myself again.
    But… you could delete the first ones…. LOL
    Have a lovely Sunday evening

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