VIDEO: How To Paper Doodle And Use Up Your Leftover Papers

colored paper collage paper doodles by Kim Dellow


I have been doodling quite a lot recently in my videos haven’t I? I’ve doodled with all sorts of different materials, you can see me doodle with acrylic paint and soft pastels or watercolors and ink in my last two videos. This week I am also doodling and I have a new doodle creative exercise to share with you that I am calling Paper Doodle!

The Paper Doodle is all about making patterns and doodles with paper collage but it isn’t ordinary collage as I will explain in this video. It is super simple to do and a great way to use up old papers. So watch the video, then have a play and share the results with me on social media as I would love to see them and all my links are at the end of this post. 


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VIDEO: How To Paper Doodle And Use Up Your Leftover Papers




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making paper doodles with Kim Dellow

I hope that you have lots of fun when you next paper doodle! It is just a great way to be creative and free with your collage.

Don’t forget I have lots more videos to get your !

Have a great creative rest of your day and see you next week for your next art video.



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    The second one could be called “At the Fair”.

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