VIDEO: How To Do Watercolor Doodles


Watercolor doodle project in greens and blues and black by Kim Dellow

I love to watercolor doodle! I find it really relaxing for some reason. There is something about the way the water and color react together isn’t there? I just love watching it. And I thought that we could probably all do with something relaxing this week as December gets quite frantic trying to get things finished before Christmas, if you celebrate it, and also New Year too. I know I have been frantically trying to tick things off of my list so that I could take some days off over Christmas. But I have been trying so hard that I started to run out of steam, big time. So I have dialled it down a little bit. I have got almost enough finished that I can leave it for a week and pick it back up in January. But I am not quite there yet, hopefully, I will be by Friday.

So that is why we have a more relaxed and simple project video today with this watercolor doodle design. Now you might have seen it before if you follow me on Instagram. I have already posted the project but not the video to go with it. So here it is and if you want a close-up look at the water splash texture I talk about in the video then scroll on down to the picture at the bottom!


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VIDEO: How To Do Watercolor Doodles




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close-up of watercolor doodles by Kim Dellow


Don’t forget that I have a video full of different techniques to try out with your watercolor brush pens.

If you want some more techniques for using the Ecoline pens (or whatever pens you have) then watch these videos:

And if you are looking for more watercolor ideas than I have a whole playlist of them for you to watch!

Of course I also have lots of doodle ideas videos for you too!


I hope you find this video as relaxing to watch as I did to do, and I hope it is a little oasis in the busy December time! Good luck getting everything done!


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