VIDEO: I’m Making Some Changes On My Channel

Mixed Media Face Art Speed Draw


So change is good right? Of course it is! So yes, I will be making some changes to my in August and possibly longer, I am not really sure how it will turn out but if you want to know more about the changes, and why I am making them, then watch the video. I spill all of the beans whilst I make some face art. That just makes it sound like I am making faces at you in the video! No, I’m not! But I am making an abstract background with acrylic paint then drawing the face that appeared in the background. Because, oddly one did appear from this background for me, see if you can spot her too before I draw her in!

As always the products are listed below and there is a close-up of all that lovely drip texture in the photo at the bottom of this post.


VIDEO: I’m Making Some Changes And Mixed Media Face Art Speed Draw




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You can find a list of my favorite and most used art supplies here.


close-up of Mixed Media Face Art Speed Draw


So what should we call her? Have you got any suggestions? If so let me know!


Now if you want some more acrylic paint inspiration I have an .

Or how about some to get you going?


So here’s to the changes and free-ing up my YouTube! Let’s see where this can take us next! I will be making the changes pretty much now so there may not be a video from me on Wednseday, we will have to see! I really hope that you will still be able to join me and enjoy my videos on and/ or too!


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