VIDEO: Art Stash Haul – Printing Inks, Brushes PLUS Is This The Best White pen?

VIDEO: Art Stash Haul - Printing Inks, Brushes PLUS Is This The Best White pen?


I hope you like art stash haul videos because this week I thought I would try one out. I’ve not done one before so let me know what you think! Join me as I unbox a recent art stash haul and walk you through the products I have bought and why I have bought them. It is also a little peek into what type of projects might be popping up on my channel in the next few months *wink* *wink*!

Everything I’ve bought is listed under the video, so if something has caught your eye you can find it there. Plus my potential white pen solution is listed there too! Because we are all in search for that perfect white pen aren’t we?!


VIDEO: Art Stash Haul – Printing Inks, Brushes PLUS Is This The Best White pen?




[There are some affiliate links in this blog post, so if you buy through them I do get a small amount of money at no extra cost to yourself, but it really does help. Thanks for your support!]

——— S U P P L I E S ———

Most of the links, unless otherwise stated, are for Jackson’s Art, who ship worldwide (btw!).

Not because I am sponsored by Jackson’s Art (because I am not!) but because in a lot of the cases the products on Amazon UK/ US/ CAN where supplied by Jackson’s Art anyway and on Amazon they were more expensive so I thought I would direct you straight to Jackson’s Art themselves, rather than go through Amazon!


Amsterdam Standard Acrylic Paint (Payne’s Grey, Nickel Titan Yellow)
Buy from Jackson’s Art UK (Ships Worldwide)
…Buy from Amazon: UK | US | CAN

Amsterdam Standard Acrylic Paint (Pearl Color Sample)

Amsterdam Acrylic Paint nozzles
Buy from Jackson’s Art UK (Ships Worldwide)
…Buy from Amazon: UK | US | CAN

Winsor And Newton Cotman series 222 designer brush (size 3)

Winsor And Newton Cotman series 111 Pointed Round brush (size 1)

Princeton Art and Brush Short Liner brush (size 1)

Winsor And Newton Sceptre Gold II brush (size 2)

Silver Brush Black Velvet 3000S round brush (size 2)


Akua Starter Set

Schminke Aero Color Professional Supra-White OPAQUE Acrylic ink

Schminke Aero Color Professional empty marker pens

Other empty marker pens
FW Mixed Media Paint Markers


You can find a list of my favorite and most used art supplies here.


VIDEO: Art Stash Haul - Printing Inks, Brushes PLUS Is This The Best White pen?


If you want to see how I turn a brayer into a texture roller with die-cuts then watch my !

And if you are looking for some more white pen ideas then read the comments that are on my to see what everyone suggests.


And if these products aren’t enough and you need MORE art bits and pieces then I have a blog post all about some of my favourite art products. Have fun!

I hope you enjoyed this art stash haul video. Stay tuned to find out more on how I use these products and hopefully to inspire your creative process too!


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  1. Terif

    Wonder if the white schminke ink and pens available U.S.?

    1. kim

      I don’t know, I am afraid. But you can get it from Jackson’s Art and they do ship worldwide if you can’t find it in the US!
      Good luck!

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