VIDEO: What Are Your Favorite Art Motifs?

A stylised flower pattern in gouache paint and pen


What are your favorite art motifs? What shapes or patterns keep cropping up again and again for you? Let me know I would love to hear! You guys know that I do tend to use a lot of circles and hearts in my work and I’ve mentioned them before on my blog, as my favorite, go-to motifs. You have probably seen various retro-style shapes from me too and if you follow my magazine work you might have spotted a few stars in my work. I mean they are just so sparkly aren’t they?!

So I thought we could revisit the subject today and I’m sharing some thoughts on art motifs whilst I work on one of my favorites, a retro, stylised flower. I’m also sharing some tips on how to spot your motifs and how to break out of your art motif ruts too!

Now, this is the second project in my four project series and if you missed them I shared project one in the video about and you will find projects number three and four in the   so don’t forget to catch up with both of them too!


VIDEO: What Is Your Favorite Motif in Your Art?




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close-up of A stylised flower pattern in gouache paint and pen


Don’t forget to share your favourite art motifs and motifs tips too!

I’ve got something different for you on Wednesday so I shall see you then and have a lovely creative few days!



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