VIDEO: Watercolor Abstract Painting – Start To Finish Process

Watercolor Abstract Painting - Start To Finish Process Video by Kim Dellow


Video time and I thought that I would share a watercolor abstract painting process with you today showing some of the work I have been doing behind the scenes recently. This is the first time that I’ve shared this work but you have probably seen some of my designs for it if you have been following me on Instagram. It is a speed paint video and I show all the steps that I take, from start to finish, to make a super textured and colourful watercolor abstract art.

Well, in fact I have two for you to watch as I am working side by side on two pieces, one using smooth hot press watercolor paper and the other the rougher cold press paper, and I’ve listed which papers they are below the video, where you will also see a of close-up photograph of each abstract painting too, so just scroll down to see them.


VIDEO: Watercolor Abstract Painting – Start To Finish Process




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You can find a list of my favorite and most used art supplies here.
Close-up of Watercolor Abstract Painting on cold press paper from the Video by Kim Dellow

Close-up of Watercolor Abstract Painting on hot press paper from the Video by Kim Dellow


I have loads more ideas and tips for using watercolor paint so don’t forget to catch up with my Ideas For Using Watercolors playlist on my YouTube channel and whilst you are there you might want to check out my drawing videos playlist too!

As I said in the video I would love to hear your recommendations for a good white opaque white ink or pen that would be great! Thanks! Plus let me know if you have a favorite out of these two watercolor abstract paintings, I would love to hear that too!


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Kim Dellow

Kim Dellow is an artist–designer–film-maker living the creative life in London, UK. She's a freelance creative for the craft industry and others, and she loves to share her art-ventures on her blog.

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  1. Rita Montgomery

    So fun to watch you doodle. My favorite is the cold press. I think it is because there is more color but I also like the doodles. I use the Signo that you used but sometimes it just doesn’t work. I’m still hunting for that “just perfect” white pen. Let us know when you find it. ~~rita

    1. kim

      Ahh thanks Rita! I am glad you liked them and thanks for letting me know which is your favourite. I do love the way the gold turned out on the cold press, with that shot of pink is pretty! So it isn’t just me and white pens then?! 😀 I thought I had found it with the Signo but after a few goes it just gets harder to make it work. *sigh!
      Hope you are having a fun creative week!

  2. Rena

    Hi KIm
    these two are – again – amazing! But don’t forget to sign them before selling 😉
    My favourite white pen is… hang on… missing… *nobody is leaving the house right now*
    I used to have a white gel pen and it’s gone… with the wind… now I have to find a new one… and that in not very crafty Germany.
    That might be the reason that I used for snowdrops white Gesso and a toothpick. Of course that would not work for drawing.
    I am not making that up, there really was a white gel pen, but I can’t remember where it was from. Well.. things do happen, don’t they?
    Have a lovely evening on that island.

    1. kim

      Hey Rena,

      Ahh you do make me laugh! Oh my goodness those white pens do the best vanishing act ever 😀 I like your Gesso idea. I was considering using Titanium white paint and a brush and just learn how to use the brush really finely, with lots of practice 😀
      I need to practice a better signature too 😀
      Have a lovely evening as well.

      1. Rena

        That is not funny LOL
        After some hard thinking it came to my mind that I might have thrown that white pen away as I was moving country because it had dried up *prisoners may be released now*.
        When packing up things got looked at if they still work as it would not have made any sense to take useless stuff with me.

        The gesso works really well when needing falling snow or when you need something really white (or black for that matter). Since it can be watered down it is also usefull for dry-brushing over strong colour and for that washed look.


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