VIDEO: Try This Easy Way To Add Texture To An Art Journal Page

Try this technique for adding texture to art journals. Video by Kim Dellow

Yay! It is video time and I have a new video on my YouTube Channel! This week it is all about texture, with a super easy technique for adding texture to an art journal page, mixed media or painting project and how to really make the most of that texture as you add to the page layer by layer. I’m also sharing some fun techniques for making the most out of your colouring materials like a simple method for tinting gesso with your crayons like the Faber-Castell Gelatos and a heads-up on a great gold paint that is actually sparkly like the metal itself.

This is one of my organic pages today and I had no plan for it when I started out, however, I was inspired on how to finish it by Julie Kirk from ‘Notes On Paper‘ and her lovely book ‘Snipped Tales‘, which makes me smile every time I dip into it and is worth checking out if you enjoy the art of mini-story telling!

VIDEO: Try This Easy Way To Add Texture To An Art Journal Page

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Winsor and Newton Galeria Gesso
Faber-Castell Gelato Bubble Gum
Palette Knife
Plastic card
Liquitex Heavy Body Muted Turquoise
Waffle Flower Doily Circle
Flat brush
Round brush medium
Golden Regular Gel (gloss)
Heat tool
Holbein Artists Gouache Brilliant Gold
Old book pages

Close-up of the texture for this easy way to add texture to art journals. Video by Kim Dellow

Close-up of the abstract ephemera story as inspired by Julie Kirk. Video by Kim Dellow

My little abstract, ephemera story says:

‘Beautiful living creature about to speak,
take care of the mountain,
as it is belonging to me.’

I thought it was cute and I hope it sparks your own story around words. Let me know what it makes you think of in the comments!

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  1. Ellie Knol

    SO gorgeous! What a good idea to do two pages at once… the cleanup page matches the page … nice!

    1. Kim Dellow

      Hi Ellie, thank you! It is kind of handy doing it like that 😀

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