VIDEO: Easy watercolor mixed media flower art

Try this easy watercolor mixed media flower art project with video by Kim Dellow.

Watercolor and gel medium don’t mix, right? Well, oddly enough I love working with gel medium and watercolor together, you just get the most amazing textures and effects. Take for instance my video this week. It’s a super easy, mixed media flower art tutorial that uses glass bead gel and watercolor. I know, crazy! But look how much fun it is! And all that amazing texture.

But I have a confession, I made a totally rookie mistake! Got a bit too excited and threw caution to the wind when I really should have been patient and waited. Be patient? Yeah, that word is so not in my vocabulary! Anyway, I won’t spoil the fun, you can watch what mistake I made and how I fixed it too in the video!

Before we start the video, go grab your popcorn, or maybe that should be go grab your paper and paints! Because, I just wanted to let you know that at the end I have a special shout out to one of my YouTube channel subscribers!

VIDEO: Easy watercolor mixed media flower art

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Close up of the texture you can achieve! See the video by Kim Dellow

Did you spot the shout out? It is a massive thank you to Diane Zureski and you can see the project that she shared with us at the end of the video.

Diane tried out the technique I used in my ‘Technique: PaperArtsy Infusions Coloured Gel Medium’ video and we are now both fans of this technique! Thank you so much for sharing your project with us Diane! You can find Diane over on pinterest so go and say ‘hi’ and let her know how much you liked her project!

If you would like to have a shout out in one of my videos then please do share something you made inspired by one of my videos, tag me in social media (links below) so that I can see it and perhaps the next shout out will be yours!

And to make sure that you know exactly when one of my videos uploads, subscribe to my YouTube channel and click on the notifications so you can stay in the know!

I shall catch you all later! Happy creating.

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  1. Diane Zureski

    This is gorgeous and I ❤️ the use of watercolours in the background! That stencil is my favorite. Thanks for the shout out as well.

    1. Kim Dellow

      Ahh thank you Diane and thanks again for sharing your work with me, I loved it! Have a fun rest of your week!

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