PaperArtsy Found Object Gel Skin

PaperArtsy Found Object Gel Skin by Kim Dellow

I was on the PaperArtsy blog recently with a project for their Found Objects theme, did you see it? I decided to go for a gel skin-based project using an old washer and a large grommet both found in the street, ‘coz that is what I do, I find rubbish in the street and recycle it into art. Basically I am a Womble, except I don’t live on Wimbledon Common. No the prices are too high in Wimbledon, I’m more an East London girl!

There is also an piece of old comic book in this project, found in my stash of old comic books for the purpose of art making and also I used some tissue paper found in some packaging of a parcel. So all of it is made from found objects. Well except the stamps, pencils and gel parts!

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You can see right through the PaperArtsy Found Object Gel Skin by Kim Dellow

I love how the tissue paper has become practically invisible in the final project. To make it I placed a piece of comic book on some tissue paper and stamped the electro heart and border stamps that I designed for PaperArtsy EKD04. Then I used a mix of Prismacolor pencils and Faber-Castell Polychromo pencils to colour the heart. 

To make the gel skin and incorporate the image in it, I first added a layer of Liquitex Pouring Medium to an area the size of the tissue paper that I had marked off on an old plastic bag. Then I layered the tissue paper and comic book page on top of the gel and added the washer and grommet where I wanted them to be. Then I added another layer of Pouring medium over the top to cover the tissue paper and found objects and added some sprinkles of the Royal Blood Infusions, also from PaperArtsy. 

Just after pouring the medium for the PaperArtsy Found Object Gel Skin by Kim Dellow

Once this was mostly dry I pealed the gel skin off of the plastic backing and let it dry completely. The skin with the tissue and  found pieces almost looks as if it is a resin piece doesn’t it? Except it is quite flexible. 

To turn the washer and grommet into functional holes to hang the piece from I then just cut out the gel skin and tissue from the centre of each with a craft knife. then all that is left is deciding how to show it and for this I decided to use wire. Initially my idea was to hang it like a banner in the window so that you can see the light coming through and get the most out of the translucent effect but this proved harder to do as I don’t have an appropriate hook to hang it from. So in the end I went for a wire stand held in a small jug.  

Cutting through the holes for the PaperArtsy Found Object Gel Skin by Kim Dellow

If you like gel skins then you might find my ‘How To Make A Gel Skin Heart’ tutorial over on the Blitsy blog interesting. Or you could revisit some of my experiments with different acrylic mediums and gels in my ‘Art Journal Sharing Thursday – Acrylic Gel Skins’ blog post if you want to get started with gel skins and have a play yourself with the products you have to hand.

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Have a super fun and creative week!


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  1. Julie Short

    This is a lovely piece Kim. There is a fragility but also the strength of metal.I keep making skins but then don't use them….I'm inspired.

    1. Kim Dellow

      Ahh thanks Julie. Yeah there is something about the fragility paired with the metal that is really interesting isn't there? Glad you are feeling inspired 🙂 Have a good weekend creating!

  2. Julie Ann Lee

    I loved this project. It's so different and I'm fascinated by gel skins. A couple of years back I used tar gel to create skins with faces on them, but the lid has stuck fast and I can't get it open!I must have a go at removing it, buy some different gels and play some more. You have inspired me! 🙂

    1. Kim Dellow

      Ooo lovely! Hope that you manage to open that jar! I never remember to clean the threads on my acrylic paints and mediums *sigh! It's only a matter of time before they all just stick fast – I feel for you!
      Have fun and I look forward to seeing the results!

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