VIDEO: Stylised Paint Pen Feather Art Journal Page

Stylised Paint Pen Feather Art Journal Page by Kim Dellow

What are your art journal themes at the moment? Have you got any themes, techniques, motifs that are featuring a lot at the moment? I’ve been drawing and painting a lot recently so drawing has been featuring in many of my art journal pages but I would definitely say that collage has been featuring a lot too, particularly in my backgrounds.  If you saw my DIY Patterned Paper Bird Page video in February then you will have seen one of my collage page work in action.

This time, for this video I’m using designer patterned paper to make my collage background and I am using the simplest of ways to add the paper to the background just to speed up the process! I’ve not done a voice over for this week’s video, so sit back and enjoy the process to music and if you have any questions just ask in the comments below!

VIDEO: Stylised Paint Pen Feather Art Journal Page

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Designer patterned paper
Golden Regular gel
Sharpie Paint Pen
Turner gouache paint

Close-up of the Stylised Paint Pen Feather Art Journal Page by Kim Dellow

The full illustrated feather on the Stylised Paint Pen Feather Art Journal Page by Kim Dellow

I think that one of the reasons that I like using patterned paper collage so much at the moment is that it is a great way to start a journal page and you if you want to you can get a journal page done really quickly with this method. In fact if I had not gone around the outside of the image with the paint I could have easily added this to my 5 Minute Create video series!

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Have you been using patterned papers collage in your art journaling? Leave me a link to your work or hashtag me, #KimDellow, in on social media, if you have I would love to see it!



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  1. Jennifer Smith-Kirk

    Hi Kim
    I wish I could draw like you, you seem to have a knack of creating something out of what appears to be from nothing. I would be there for ages trying to work out where to put each piece of paper lol x x x

    1. Kim Dellow

      LOL! Thanks Jennifer but it is just practice, practice practice! x

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