New Projects With Old DIY Carved Stamps

I’m in the middle of a major craft room reorganisation and I’ve been going through my magazine collection and cutting out the articles I have written to archive them. I love magazines and am in awe at the amazing people who work hard to put them together, as you probably guessed if you visited my blog yesterday! When I last did a rough count of how many articles I have written it was over 320, so I think a re-sort is super long overdue!

It’s a work in progress but during the re-sort I came across some stamps I carved for an article for Simply Cards and Papercraft issue 108 way back in 2012, although the magazine itself came out in 2013. I know! It is kind of making my eyes water just thinking about how long ago that was.

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A card using DIY Carved stamps by Kim Dellow

I don’t even think you can get the magazine any more it was that long ago. But I thought it would be fun to ink up the stamps again and make a couple of new cards with them. What do you think? Have the designs aged well? They are pretty naive but I quite like that style.

I have used them for a couple of other projects one on my blog which was an art journal page and for a stamp carving tutorial over on the Blitsy blog, although I carved a new leaf for that project to the one I used in the magazine.

These stamps are made from Speedball Speedy Carve and Soft Cut Lino but I have also carved stamps into erasers before as well.

Simply Cards and Papercraft issue 108 had a stamp carving article by Kim Dellow

You know, this project revisit is making my want to do some new stamp carving! There is something really satisfying about carving your own stamp designs although I would not say I was that good at it. There are some truly phenomenal stamp carvers who share the work on instagram.

For instance I love the work of Viktoria Åström, her work is gorgeous and so detailed, you can see her on instagram or on her website. She often uses nature to inspire her work but her designs have so much character too, so do go check her out!

A floral design card using hand carved stamps by Kim Dellow

I quite like using double printing and that is how I made the chequered background. They are two different stamps, one I covered a square grid into and the other that I carved a line grid but you can layer them to make the chequered pattern.

The leaves are also a double print and if you pop over to my tutorial on the Blitsy blog you can see exactly how I made that print.

Another handy tip if you do use the Speedball Speedy Carve or erasers to carve into, they are thick enough to cover a stamp on both sides so two for the price of one. The Soft Cut Lino is much thinner, or at least the ones I have are, so you can only carve on one side.

More details of the floral design card using hand carved stamps by Kim Dellow

close-up of the lightbulb design card by Kim Dellow

So how about you? Do you carve your own stamps? What was the last design you carved? What do you use? Or do you have a favourite stamp carving artists?



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  1. Juls

    Fabulous make!! Love the little light bulb xx

  2. Good look with the craft room sort out Kim, it's taken me an age to get mine sorted lol . Love your carved stamps. This is something I have not yet tried . Great post, thank you. Tracy x

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