YouTube! Love It Or Hate It?

I have a question for you – are you a big YouTube fan or do you find it a pain? Love it or hate it you can’t deny that it is a real game changer for us creative types isn’t it? It is an amazing resource for learning about new products or techniques and for those of us that create video as well it is a good way to build and reach out to our community.


But speaking now as both a YouTube watcher and a video maker I do find it really hard to find the great videos. I mean you can spend hours bumping from video to video trying to find something that actually helps, or entertains, or is just enjoyable to watch can’t you?


So let’s help each other to find good videos! Do you have any favourite video makers, channels, or just a favourite video that you can recommend? It doesn’t have to be just art and craft videos or channels either, I’m open to all suggestions.

Do please drop a comment below with your favourites or you can email or tag me directly on YouTube or anywhere else for that matter!

If you are a video maker then please feel free to drop me a link to your channel too, I would love to connect with you!


If I get enough suggestions then I will collect together the best, with a link to the person who suggested it too, in a blog post for us all to enjoy. I thought it might be fun and a great way for us all to connect to new people and ideas so let me know your thoughts! And keep it in mind when you next watch a video on YouTube!


In the meantime did you see this video? It is one of my most watched videos from the past few weeks, so if you missed it I hope you can catch it now and enjoy!

I’ll be back soon with my new video for this week and I am really looking forward to watching your suggestions so thanks for your help!

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Kim Dellow

Kim Dellow is an artist–designer–film-maker living the creative life in London, UK. She's a freelance creative for the craft industry and others, and she loves to share her art-ventures on her blog.

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  1. Ruth

    I struggle a lot with YouTube. I both love and hate it. I love it because I've found some great channels, and I hate it because some people put up so many videos I stopped watching. I just couldn't keep up. The ones I watch most are friends in some ways. I like knowing what they are doing, and I also like to support my fellow crafters. I watch you a lot because you always inspire me to draw, I watch Michelle Short because her videos are so clear and good and I love her craft room tour! I watch my friends Lisa Tilson and Steph Made It For You because I do always learn something and I know how long it takes them to do them. I also watch Kathy Racoosin for colouring tips and Laura Bassen just because she does gorgeous cards and is hilarious to listen to. I have some sewing channels I also watch Made Everyday and Whitney Sews. I have my own channel, but haven't posted in a couple of months. It's hard to fit it all in. I love doing videos, but they take a long time and with two children it's hard going. I also don't just want to post any videos, I'd like them to be helpful, and it takes a while to think about what might make a good video. Don't stop making them whatever you do! Xx

    1. Kim Dellow

      I am totally with you Ruth. I subscribed to one channel and the notifications on it where like spam they were so regular. In the end I unsubscribed. Thanks so much for your suggestions. A couple of them I know of well and am a big fan too 😀 😀 But I've not heard of many of your suggestions so massive thank you and I will be checking them out!
      Making videos takes such a long time doesn't it? I do hope you find time to do some more Ruth! I shall be keeping my eye out for them xx

  2. Jennifer Smith-Kirk

    Hi Kim
    I enjoy videos and subscribe to them but had to streamline my subscriptions mainly as I don't always have time to watch them all. I am a fan of Sue Wilson, Tonic and I watch beauty techniques as a former makeup artist I still like to keep up with new ideas. but what I like about your videos is that you have a clear voice and your crafts are a bit different and quirky in a good way. I always look forward to what you do next. X x x

    1. Kim Dellow

      Thanks so much for the feedback Jennifer! It is great to hear! There are a lot of make-up videos on YouTube isn't there? It is a perfect platform for them!

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