VIDEO: Technique: PaperArtsy Infusions Coloured Gel Medium

Technique: PaperArtsy Infusions Coloured Gel Medium by Kim Dellow

What is that you say? Another video?! That is right! I have a surprise, bonus video to share with you today sharing a fun technique using PaperArtsy Infusions to colour gel medium. So rather than just a static blog post share of my project I have a video walking through the whole process of how to use Infusions to Colour Gel Medium and then use the gel through a stencil.

Like the video that I made for the Gelli Printed Collage Art journal page from a couple of weeks ago, it is all to music with no voice over. But hopefully it is clear what I am doing and if you have any question then please do just ask in the comments!

You can use this technique with any powdered pigments and I first shared it a while back for my ‘How To Decorate A Mesh Bag With Ken Oliver Color Burst’ blog post whilst I was working for Blitsy. In that blog post I used the Ken Oliver’s Colour Burst, to colour gel medium and decorate a pencil case. You can also use Brushos too with this technique but this time I am using Infusions.

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close up of the Technique: PaperArtsy Infusions Coloured Gel Medium by Kim Dellow

The PaperArtsy Infusions are another powdered pigment product but they differ from Brushos and Colour Burst in that they also have a walnut stain crystal in with the pigment. The walnut stain develops more slowly than the pigment when you use the product with liquids and so you get a brown colour developing after the colour has developed. The walnut gives the Infusion colour an interesting antiqued and textured look.

But when you use the Infusions mixed in with gel medium, like the Golden Regular Gel the walnut doesn’t develop but instead the crystals act as a grit to give the surface a texture when the gel is dry. Take a look at the close up photograph below to see what I mean!

Surface texture of the close up of the PaperArtsy Infusions Coloured Gel Medium by Kim Dellow

Two tips for you: you need to use the gloss gel as this is completely transparent when dry and add as little or as much Infusions as you need, tap them on the gel bit by bit and just mix them in.

It’s totally fun to play with so watch the video and then go have a play yourself!

VIDEO: Technique: PaperArtsy Infusions Coloured Gel Medium

PaperArtsy Infusions Royal Blood
Golden Regular Gel (gloss)
PaperArtsy Stencil PS046 designed by me!
Palette Knife
Something to mix in, I’ve used an old metal pie dish.
Strathmore Mixed Media journal
Spare paper
Plastic card like an old gift card or credit card
Old book page

If you want another fun and different way to use PaperArtsy Infusions then you might like my ‘PaperArtsy Infusions Meet Embossing/ Watermark Ink’ blog post!

Hope you enjoyed the video and if you did then please pop over to my YouTube channel and subscribe and like my movies as it helps me to make more videos! Thank you!



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