The 2017 Dellow Daily Drawing Challenge!

Welcome to the 2017 Dellow Daily Drawing Challenge! Wahoo! Erm what?

Back in December I introduced you to one of my favourite creative exercises in a blog post called ‘A Fun Sketching Exercise To Turn Into A Habit For 2017’ because I love playing with it and I thought you might like it too.

Dellow Daily Drawing Exercise - Feathers

When I wrote that blog post I was writing it as much for me as for you and I promised myself that I would make the exercise part of my daily habit and not just a couple of times a week habit that it has been up to now. But habits are hard to put in place, as we all know, and it does make it easier if you make yourself accountable to someone. So I thought that I would make myself accountable to you guys and post the practice up on Instagram. I have been for the last few days.

But here is the thing, I was just going to do this myself, but then lots of people have been in touch since I wrote that blog post, and started posting my practice on Instagram, and said that they were going to do it too! So I thought maybe we can all be accountable for each other to help us turn it into a proper habit? What do you think?

Want to join me?

Dellow Daily Drawing Exercise - Sprigs

The Exercise

Ok so if you missed my ‘A Fun Sketching Exercise To Turn Into A Habit For 2017’ blog post here is the exercise:

1. Grab paper and pencil/pen

2. Draw 30 *Insert One Subject Here* e.g. mushrooms or horses or daisies etc.

3. Make each drawing different

4. Quantity Over Quality!

5. Photo it, post it on Instagram hashtag it #DellowDailyDrawing to share

6. Repeat next day with new subject!

It doesn’t require you to be an amazing sketcher, it doesn’t have to take up lots of your time or be perfect. The idea is to get a lot of ideas down quickly. With practice you will build up your drawing level, your creativity and idea generation level, your hand-eye coordination and the ability to communicate ideas through sketches. Plus it will help you develop your style, you will soon figure out which ones you like and which you don’t, and it will give you a catalogue of unique motifs and ideas to go back over and work up into other projects later on.

Dellow Daily Drawing Exercise - Stars

There will be no prompts, draw what you want, but here are some more subject ideas to get you started:


And if I haven’t convinced you yet to give it a go take a look at the wonderful ideas and motifs Kay Whittaker has been doing!

So come on then. Let’s do this together! Hands up if you are going to give it a go. See you on Instagram, hashtag #DellowDailyDrawing.


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  1. Beverley Baird

    Love this idea Kim. I started a simple daily sketch for 2017 – but love the idea of 30 fast sketches. Will add it to my practice! Thanks for the links.

    1. Kim Dellow

      Ahh great Beverley! I am looking forward to seeing the results if you share them online! 🙂 Have fun with it!

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