My 6 Favourite Drawings And Paintings For 2016

One thing that 2016 has meant for me, and for you guys as readers of my blog, is far more shares of artwork. I’ve been trying to draw and paint more this year and I’ve found myself expressing my creative side more through artwork than making this year.

I am a beginner, learning as I go and a total experimenter, I’m not really sure what is ‘my thing’ yet or where the art is going to take me. However, I’m also one of those people who wants to be good at something immediately and obviously that just doesn’t happen which is extremely frustrating. Practice, practice, practice right? Well you have been watching a lot of my practice this year and probably will again next year so thank you for being patient with me and to those of you who have shared their practice too an even bigger thank you!

So let’s kick off this favourite drawings and paintings of 2016 look back with a face.

Ok, so I might be alone here but I love this face! It was one of those pictures that developed from the page, you know how it is when you see a face in a pattern or a paint splodge? Well this was one of those and I teased it out with some light and shade. Some of you might remember that I was running a weekly art share called Show Your Face in the first half of this year and this face came out of that weekly sharing.

My next share came as a bit of a surprise to me, I wasn’t sure if I could do this artwork so it was nice to know that I could!

It is some ink and watercolour sketching from photographs that I had taken at a blogger event. I really enjoy doing work like this but it is time consuming and the one thing there never seems to be enough of is time! This all falls into my wanting to be good at everything immediately because I don’t feel like I have the time to get good at it! I think working on getting the balance right with personal expectations and practice time might need to be a focus for 2017!

Moving on quickly! My next favourite share is another face.

She is all wrong, the proportions are all wrong, the line work is wrong, features are all wrong, but I actually quiet like her! I love the eye and together with the bad line work and dodge background I just think she works! She was actually a piece that I abandoned as I could tell she was failing so I just left her. When I looked back several days later I thought she had something, so I posted her for one of my Show Your Faces posts and also because I didn’t have anything else to share that week! Time beat me again!

My next piece is another one that came out of a blogger event.

Each of those feathers were printed in paint at the Viking blogger event I attended earlier in the year and then I added some pen work to them once I was back in my studio. I do love this type of graphic line style and I’ve been trying to do more of it. And of course feathers are a great subject for the drawing exercise I shared with you all recently so add it to your list, they can be drawn if so many different ways.

I did warn you that I was experimenting, or perhaps I should have rephrased that to all over the place?!

For the next share I am going to stick to the very graphic style of line work that I am drawn to (no pun intended).

This is an imaginary flower and leaf drawing done with paint pen line work on a watercoloured background which I must admit I’ve been doing quite a lot of! This style has featured a few times in my weekly mini Art Slice videos as some of you know!

My final favourite share from 2016 is another face. I started with a face so it seems fitting to finish with one too.

This guy just makes me smile! I love his big bushy pink beard! So he was also a share from Show Your Face but he came out of some play with gouache and trying to paint loosely and be relaxed. I was trying to suggest facial features without really drawing them but as I don’t yet know how to do that I think he became more structured than I was aiming for, but hey ho! Got to learn!

I hope that you have enjoyed this curation of my favourite drawings and paintings from 2016. You can find my other 2016 round-up posts here.

Let me know if you are doing a share of your favourites, I would love to see them.


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My 5 Favourite Art Videos of 2016
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  1. Redanne

    I have loved seeing your creations Kim and reading your thoughts behind them. I too, love that first face and the feathers are gorgeous too! Wishing you and yours a very Happy Christmas and all the very best for 2017! Hugs, Anne xx

  2. Seth

    Sweet. What a great collection here Kim. That first face is fantastic.

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