My 5 Favorite Oddments Of 2016

I hope that you have been enjoying my blog posts looking back over some of the work I have done this year? I hope it has been inspiring your creativity and kicking off some ideas for what you want to be doing for 2017?

Today I am sharing a curation of oddment projects that don’t entirely fit into my other round-up curation blog posts as they aren’t cards, or art journal pages etc, so I have given them their own ‘oddments’ category.

I’m going to kick off this collection with two tags. The first tag was a sample I made using my new stamp range with PaperArtsy.

Kim Dellow PaperArtsy Stamps tag

I’ll let you into a little secret, come closer, I don’t want everyone to hear… when I designed these circle stamps I had that little cluster of circle flowers in my head all along. I know, I am circle crazy, but who isn’t? What? You aren’t? It is just me then? No surely not?

Next up is a tag of a totally different style, less layers and more quick and simple and a tag I made for Blitsy earlier in the year.

Clean and simple quick and easy tag by Kim Dellow

I am a great one for quick and easy and this tag is just a little bit of die-cutting, probably the most complicated thing on it is the layering of the die-cut sentiment to make a three dimensional element and even that was super-simple to do. You can see the steps for it over on the Blitsy blog in my blog post called ‘How To Make Quick & Easy Gift Tags’ (affiliate link).

The next favourite 2016 project was one that I did for PaperCrafter Magazine Issue 96. Commissioned to do a summer-inspired stage box this is what I came up with:

Kim Dellow's Stage box from PaperCrafter Magazine Issue 96 using PaperArtsy Stamps

[Photo credit: ©CliQQ Photography]

I thought it was cute and being a bit of a diorama fan it was fun to do, if a little more involved than a card of course! Looking at the picture again now I have just realised that they look a bit like they have just come out of a village fete marquee don’t they? I didn’t spot that before! Or perhaps it is the Great British Bake Off tent?

Anyway, Summer fetes aside, my next share is all about chemistry! Being a bit of a science nerd I do like to stretch my materials and see what they can do so when tasked with writing a blog post to fit a resist theme over on the PaperArtsy blog earlier this year I decided to go on a little bit of a chemistry experiment to find out how to use the PaperArtsy Fresco Finish paints instead of Gouache in the Gouache and ink resist technique.

PaperArtsy Fresco Finish paint and ink resist technique by Kim Dellow

If you do not know this technique it basically uses the ability of gouache to resist waterprook ink, a property that some acrylic paints also have. But not the PaperArtsy Fresco Finish acrylic paint, well until you do what I did, and if you want to know what that was then pop over to my ‘PaperArtsy Fresco Finish Acrylic Paints And Ink Resist’ blog post to find out more.

So my last share was actually a project that I was involved in in 2015 but the results of the project were released in 2016. So I am only slightly cheating in including this one in my favourite project lists from 2016!

Creating Faces video with Kim Dellow

Trish Latimer, the editor of Craft Stamper, along with Tracy ScottClare Lloyd and myself made a step by step video of how each of us draw faces as part of a collaboration with Traplet. It was really fun to do and great seeing four different styles of face art too. Oh and shameless plug, the online streaming of the videos or physical DVD/blurays are still available to buy I believe! Totally shameless!

Five different projects from my 2016 back catalogue, it’s fun looking back and seeing where my art has twisted and turned over the last year.  If you haven’t done it already I would suggest you take a look back at your own work and see how your art has changed and developed over 2016. Let me know if you have shared any of your favourites, I always like to see!


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My 5 Favourite Art Videos of 2016
6 Card Ideas To Revisit For 2017
My 6 Favourite Drawings And Paintings For 2016
5 Art Journal Page Ideas To Play With in 2017

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