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I’ve been really enjoying getting back into doing my art for myself this week. I don’t know if this happens to you, but often I find that my own work can fall by the wayside when I have deadlines to meet and art to do for other people. But this week I have, for once, got ahead of my deadlines and have found some space in my schedule to do some play in my junk journals. So I thought I would share with you some of the results. It is a mixed batch of different things but with a common theme, which I seem to be going back to a lot at the moment, and that is black line work on a colour background.

The first one isn’t actually in my journal but on some watercolour paper and is along the same lines as my recent ‘Watercolour Worlds’ Art Slice. You can see the video for that one over on my YouTube Channel if you haven’t seen it already. It will give you an idea of how I did this one as I used the same technique, just a different pen.

Kim Dellow Watercolour and paint pen floral cluster art

I’ve used Prima Marketing watercolours with a Sharpie paint pen to make this floral cluster design. I’m pretty obsessed with watercolour shapes and inked detail at the moment, you may have noticed?! Got to work it out of my system!

Next show-and-tell art journal page is a couple of mandalas drawn with a ballpoint pen over the top of some leftover colour, where I’ve just cleaned my mark making tools in my journal.

Kim Dellow ballpoint pen mandalas

The paint in the background is some of the PaperArtsy Fresco Finish paints. They make a really nice surface to draw over with an ordinary ballpoint pen, it is their chalky finish. I blocked out the spaces between the two mandalas with some fine lines using the pen.

The last share I have for you today is some pattern play in one of my junk journals. Actually this page is opposite the page above, but I’ve folded it over for the photography.

It’s also based on a leftover paint page and I’ve worked the pattern with a white and a black Sharpie paint pen. It is really just an experimental piece trying to extend my patterns and try out different looks. There are no rules I just try to fill the page with different marks and shapes. It’s fun, you should try it if you don’t do it already!

I hope you have had some time in your schedule to play in your journals too, do share if you have, drop me a link below. I look forward to seeing them!


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