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I don’t know if you have spotted them yet but in the past week or so I have had three step by steps how-tos posted on the Blitsy blog. I thought I would put a heads-up here so that if you haven’t spotted them and you fancy taking a look, you can do.

All three projects are different and use different products but they do have a common theme and that is they all use some sort of pigment in a stick format. Stay with me, you will soon get what I mean!

Get Started With Oil Pastels

So the first pigment-in-a-stick post shares a project idea to help you to get started with oil pastels.

Oil pastel tutorial by Kim Dellow

Now I used Sennelier Oil Pastels for this make but you can easily go for another brand of oil pastel for this project and there are plenty of them about to choose from.

Oil pastels are a great way to add a lot of colour easily and quickly to a project. But unless you are used to using them they may be a little intimidating to start with. So this project uses a really simple shape and a couple of fun techniques to get you started and you can find all the instructions in my ‘How To Get Started With Oil Pastels’ blog post.

Art Journaling With Distress Crayons

The next project uses the Ranger Tim Holtz Distress Crayons.

Tim Holtz Ranger Distress Crayons Art Journal Page by Kim Dellow

For this project I’ve used several techniques and utilised the different properties of Distress Crayons to build up a colourful art journal page with them. You can spot a resist, a subtractive technique, some water-reactive techniques and then just the lovely thickness of using the crayon as it is. So I hope you have fun playing with this one and you can see all the steps in my ‘How To Make A Tim Holtz Distress Crayon Art Journal Page’ blog post.

But don’t forget that I also have a film comparing Distress Crayons and Crayola Slick Stix on my YouTube channel and that contains lots of techniques for trying out with your crayons.

Playing with Shiva Artist Paintstiks

The final project in this stick-format pigment mini-series explores the Shiva Artist Paintstiks.

Shiva Artist Paintstiks art journal page tutorial by Kim Dellow

The Shiva Artist Paintstiks have been around for many years but they tend to be overlooked by non-textile artists as they were originally designed to be used on fabric. So like the Sennelier Oil Pastels that we started with today they are an artist quality oil pigment stick but they work particularly well on fabric as once dry they don’t move or smudge, so are a great way to add designs to fabric.

But I’ve not used them on fabric for this make, I’ve made an art journal page in one of my paper junk journals and I share all the steps over on my ‘How To Make An Art Journal Page With Shiva Artist’s Paintstiks’ blog post.

There you have it, three different stick products for adding colour to a project and three different projects stuffed full of ideas and techniques for using the sticks on your next project.

Let me know how you get on!


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