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You guys know that I try lots of different products and techniques don’t you? I see it as part of my job to try as much out as I can and come up with ideas to help other people to make informed product choice decisions and get their inspiration buzz on! But I definitely do get into some short and long term obsessions about certain techniques or products, I mean we all do don’t we? We can’t help it, it is kind of how we tick in this arty-crafty world!

Well, last week on the Blitsy blog it was my faux-print look obsession, this week I am sharing one of my other current obsessions – watercolour.

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Kim Dellow Watercolour postcard tutorial

It’s a trend that is still going strong and you can understand way, it is a beautiful medium to work in. But I also think it can be just a little intimidating sometimes if you are new to it. So this week on the Blitsy blog I am sharing probably one of the simplest watercolour techniques you can have a go at! It is an art postcard tutorial which would make a great quick note to family and friends or even just for sticking up on your wall! If you are a dab hand at watercolours already then this will be a super quick and easy make to bulk up so that you have lots of cards to send to people or decorate your world with!

You do not even need watercolour paints for this one. I’ve used the Pitt Big Brush Artist pens from Faber-Castell to add the colour to this postcard. I’ve gone through all the steps on the blog in my post called How To Make Easy Art Postcards”.

I was going to write on the back of the card for the photograph but my mind went blank for what to say. Isn’t that just the way with postcards? Either you write hardly anything or you write so much you wish you had written a letter instead! Oh and if you are too young to know what a postcard is, it is like direct messaging, it just takes a little longer to get to the recipient!

Have fun with it.


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