AS FEATURED ON: Blitsy – How To Get A Faux-Print Look With Paint And Embossing Powder

This week’s tutorial from me over on the Blitsy blog is chock-full of techniques. It is another in my faux-printing series and for this project I’ve combined some old techniques to get this fabulous print look that you can use to make your own wall art or to use in on projects in your art journal.

Kim Dellow faux-print using resist and DIY stamps techniques

If you have been crafting, or making mixed media art, for a while then you will know these techniques but perhaps you have not combined them in this way before. If you are new to crafting then these techniques are really simple and very easy to pick up and I go through them all in my step by step tutorial. I’ve used embossing powder with some DIY stamps made with dies and by hand-cutting to make a resist for paint.

For my project I’ve also used the Prima Marketing metallic paints to get a lovely sheen and combined with the resit technique that I’ve used there is actually a lot of texture that the camera just can not pick up. But, hopefully, you will see it for yourself on your own projects when you give it a go!

If you want to see more the whole project with all the techniques, and some more pictures of the finished project, is in the ‘How To Get A Faux-Print Look With Paint And Embossing Powder’ post on the Blitsy post.

Enjoy and happy making!


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