PUBLISHED: Simply Cards And Papercraft 153 Ken Oliver Color Burst Masterclass

Hey guys, I have a heads-up for you today! This month in Simply Cards and Papercraft, issue 153, I have a masterclass all about the Ken Oliver Color Burst water-soluble powdered pigments.

I know, right?! This is my third blog post about water-soluble powdered pigments this week! What with my new video on PaperArtsy Infusions and my Blitsy tutorial this week being all about the Prima Marketing mica and artisan powders it has gone kind of crazy hasn’t it?

I mean I could not have planned it better, how is that for timing! I didn’t plan it, honest! It is a coincident, it is work I’ve been doing on and off for the last few months all coming together in one big powdered pigment explosion this week! [Thinks to self – perhaps I should not have mentioned that and then it will look like I’m some blog post scheduling, organised genius?! Man! Did I just write that out loud? Ahh, no one will notice!]

La La La. Nothing to see here, just go about your normal business…and feast your eyes on these lovely pics:

[I do use affiliate links and there are some in this blog post.]

Kim Dellow's Color Burst card from Simply Cards and Papercraft 153 Purples

[Photo credit: Practical Publishing International]

Kim Dellow's Color Burst card from Simply Cards and Papercraft 153 Reds

[Photo credit: Practical Publishing International]

Beautiful pictures from the Practical Publishing International team as always! In the article I’ve got some step by steps for a whole range a techniques using Color Burst, which is also perfect timing as the current subscription gift for Simply Cards and Papercraft is a set of your very own Color Burst in the yummy Caribbean colours I’ve been using. I love brights and jewel colours!

I don’t know, if you have been wondering about getting a subscription and/ or wondering about the Ken Oliver Color Burst then it might be the perfect time to do it!

Right, I better go in case any more coincidences or perfectly timed items turn up! Don’t want anyone to think my life is in any way coordinated or anything! 🙂

Have a super creative Saturday.

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Kim Dellow

Kim Dellow is an artist–designer–film-maker living the creative life in London, UK. She's a freelance creative for the craft industry and others, and she loves to share her art-ventures on her blog.

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  1. Juls

    These are gorgeous!! Xx

  2. Ruth

    I've seen a lot of inspiration lately using Brushos and ColourBursts, and now these Infusions. What's a girl to do??? I loved the one you did through a stencil. That was really inspired. Xx

    1. Kim Dellow

      LOL! I know Ruth! Too much choice 😀 😀 Thanks lovely!

  3. Redanne

    Congratulations on your publication. The photos are fabulous but only because your work is fabulous too! xx

  4. Cris G

    WOW! They are both amazing! Love these powerful powders, we never know what will happen :).

  5. Jennifer Smith-Kirk

    Hi Kim
    So lovely that your creations are published you deserve it, stunning cards and I can your creative mind in lights now. Great post made me smile X X X

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