As Featured On Blitsy: How To Make A Disc Bound Art Journal

My Blitsy tutorial share this week is some inspiration for making your own art journal. Lots of folks make their own art journals and it is a truly wonderful way to expand your journaling practice. But I want to persuade you to take your DIY art journal one step further and use the Happy Planner Disc bound system to bind your journal.

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Kim Dellow Shows how to make a Happy Planner Disc bound art journal

But why Kim? I hear you ask, right? Well let me tell you why I think it is a great system to use for your art journals!

With a disc bound system you can get total art journaling flexibility, more so than a lot of other binding systems or methods. You can make it any size and shape that you want, you can pop the pages in and out as often as you wish and you can make it fat for when you have a portfolio of pages to group together in your studio or thin if you just want to pop it in your bag to take it out and about.

For me, the thing I really like about the idea of having a disc bound art journal is that I can reorder pages, group different ones together, take the a page out to work on it then pop it back into keep the work together and if I feel like working on a small surface one day and a large surface the next I can! This kind of flexible art journal can totally reflect where you are in your art and the stage that you are at. Then when you think you have enough pages to group into an archive you can and start another disc bound journal to work in.

I don’t know, it just seems like a great idea to me, have a go and tell me what you think!

If you want some tips on how to get started with it as well as a trick for making a hard cover to lean on then you can get all the details over on my ‘How To Make A Disc Bound Art Journal’ blog post on the Blitsy blog.

I have some other posts on the Blitsy blog that coordinate nicely with this one including how to bespoke your Happy Planner discs and a little mixed media envelop for holding your ephemera that you might like as well. So do go check those out too, just click on the photographs to go straight to the tutorial:

Kim Dellow Shows how to alter Happy Planner Discs
Kim Dellow shows how to make little mixed media envelops

Let me know how you are using your Happy Planner discs!


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    This looks really interesting Kim…thanks…
    I have bookmarked this to re-read when its not so hot as I can't take it all in today.. wow isn't it a scorcher today?
    Gill xx

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