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Video: Reusing Flyers

Time for a new video! I’m on a video roll, in fact I was so much on a roll that I did not spot the spelling mistake. D’oh! But poor spelling aside this video shows you a great way to source free art journals plus it has a little tour inside some of my art journals too.

A new video from Kim Dellow how to source free art journals

I talk about my junk journals a lot on my blog, I use them all the time. But I think that junk journals can mean different things to different people. Some people make their own junk journals using recycled and re-purposed paper and ephemera and that is a great thing to do and looks amazing. But when I talk about my junk journals I mean the repurposed flyers that I use to make art in.

Kim Dellow a close up of my work desk

I have a whole bunch of them on the go at once and they sit on my work desk in easy-grab range. I will often use them to warm up in, or experiment in or just to clean off mark making tools whilst I am working on projects so that I don’t waste any paints or mediums.


If you are interested I go through it all in my video, what flyers I use, where to find them, what you can do in them and then I give you a peek at some of the work I have been doing in them.

I call them my junk journals because, well firstly free flyers often end up thrown away in the recycle bin don’t they? But also because re-purposing flyers for art takes that white page fear or the fear of ‘spoiling’ a new journal away.

You can mess them up and really not care at all about them. You haven’t wasted anything, and you have learnt just by doing the mess! So they are great for no-pressure experimenting and you can work up anything you particularly like into an independent piece or in your more ‘pretty’ journals if you wish.

A peak into some of Kim Dellow's junk journals

So if you aren’t already repurposing the old, unwanted free flyers that you find everywhere, then I hope I have persuaded you to give them a go. Also this is a great way to dabble into mixed media if you are new to it and are not sure you are ready for a lovely clean art journal.

Kim Dellow a pile of my current Junk Journals

Hope you enjoy the video and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel on YouTube to be notified when I put new ones up, hopefully without my dodgy spelling!

Catch you later.

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