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Friday is here and time to share any faces you fancy! Hope you have had a really good and artful week!

Let’s get sharing!

First up the admin…


  • Head Positions – May 2016 (try different head potions through the month. Suggested by June Walker)
  •  Quick Draw Faces – July 2016 (set a timer to say 10-15 min – or less if you dare! – and draw a face or several faces in that time. Suggested by Gibby Frogett).
  • Change Hands – September 2016 (try using your non-dominant hand to draw/ paint / make your face this month. Suggested by Hazel Agnew).

Remember all are optional prompts, you don’t have to use them, they are there if you fancy playing, if not just link up your usual work as normal.

Don’t forget:

  • Show Your Face is a community link up for portrait work in any style or medium.
  • the aims are to share, learn, practise, inspire, and be inspired.
  • to make sure that the face artwork is yours, if you use any stamps or templates to build the face they should be designed by you.
  • the link is open from 10 am (BST) every Friday and stays open for a week, so link away.
  • finished pieces, works in progress or retro posts (i.e. older works, not from this week) are all welcome.
  • to link back to the link blog post here for that week.
  • Spread the word on your blog/social media outlets and use the #ShowYourFaceFriday hashtag in social media.
  • There is a prompt every other month. Using the prompts is totally optional and just there if you fancy playing along. You can still post your face work even if you haven’t used the prompt.

Looking For The Blog Button?

If you want to wear the blog button with pride then hop on over to Show Your Face 31st July 2015 to grab it and there are instructions on how to put it on your blog there too.

My Share This Week…

A paint pen face

I was flicking through my junk journals recently and I stumbled across this face that I did last year using paint pens. The odd thing is is that I think it was inspired by someone or something I had seen but I never wrote the inspiration down so now it is only a feeling and I have no recollection of what or why I did it.

Over To You…

Link your faces artwork and spread the word on your blog and/or social media, hashtag #ShowYourFaceFriday. Please do let anyone you think would be interested in sharing their portraits know about our community here.

Catch you later Face-Artinators


PS. Some other places you might want to link your work to: Painted pages share at Paint Party Friday. Art journal pages, check out the new theme at Art Journal Journey. Those of you on Facebook ask Darcy Wilkinson if you can join her Face To Face page.

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    1. Kim Dellow

      Thanks so much Jennifer. Have a lovely weekend 🙂

  1. Linda Kunsman

    striking face and i love how you incorporated the black background lines into her hat!

    1. Kim Dellow

      Thanks Linda, I would like to say that I designed it like that but it was pure accident LOL! 🙂 Thanks for the link up. Kx

    1. Kim Dellow

      Yay! Welcome back on board Kissinia 🙂 thanks for the link up! Kx

  2. Giggles

    Thanks for hosting…fun gal with a unique flavour!

    Hugs Giggles

    1. Kim Dellow

      And thank you for linking Giggles 🙂 It is always great to see your amazing works 🙂

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