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Learn How To Draw And Paint Mixed Media Faces

You all know that I’m pretty much obsessed with drawing and painting faces don’t you? If you are a regular to my blog then you can’t have helped but notice the weekly community art share link up that I host called Show Your Face. Well if you are fan too of drawing and painting faces on your mixed media projects and in your art journal then you are going to love this new Creating Faces video from the people who bring you Craft Stamper Magazine.

Trish Latimer, editor of Craft Stamper, along with three other designers Tracy Scott, Clare Lloyd and Kim Dellow (Hold on! That is ME!) are sharing how they create their mixed media faces in ‘Creating Faces’ the video, coming to a DVD player, Bluray player or the Traplet online streaming/ download site NOW!

Creating Faces Video showing how to add faces to your mixed media work

Ok so I might be getting a bit excited, I could hear that deep film announcer guy’s voice in my head just now (could you hear him too or was that just me?).

Anyway, I AM pretty excited because, well 1. I’m one of the designers sharing how I make one of my illustrative faces and 2. I’ve seen all the videos and they are pretty fab! Each designer shares all their tips and tricks and you get to see the whole process in real time.

If you are new to face drawing and painting each designer goes through all the steps they take from start to finish so it is a great place to start. If you are further along with your own face art there are plenty of techniques and tips to add your mixed media toolbox and adapt to your own practice.


Back cover of the Creating Faces video

Creating Faces is available in a choice of formats: £14.95 Bluray, £12.95 DVD £2.50 single download or £8.95 for all four downloads and you can find the Bluray and DVD in the Traplet shop and the downloads on the Traplet streaming/ download page.

But you might want to get yourself along to the Craft Stamper Facebook page as they are doing a GIVEAWAY!

Hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed putting it together.



*** 12th April 2018 Update – I am sorry to say that this video is no longer available. But in happy news, keep your eyes on my blog or my YouTube channel as I have some face videos coming later this year! ***


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10 thoughts on “Learn How To Draw And Paint Mixed Media Faces”

  1. HUGE CONGRATULATIONS Kim! Definitely something i will download as all of you have such wonderful knowledge to share.

    Wondering if we will see your drawing talents turned into stamps one day, now that would be fantastic.

    Missing joining in Fridays, hope to be able to join in again soon.

    Mo:-) xxx

    1. Hiya Magpie's Inkatorium, thanks for popping by my blog to checkout my mixed media face work. I'm just trying to find out for you if this video is still available so I will let you know but thanks for giving me a heads-up on the links it seems the website has completely changed now!

      1. Kim, this video looks amazing and I was wondering if you were ever able to find out if it is still available anywhere. I’ve just started art journaling (I know, I’m late to the party, but I have arrived and that has to count for something!) and trying to teach myself how draw and paint and I simply *must* have this video in my life to help me develop my skills! Thank you!

        1. Hi, I’m sorry to say that this video is no longer available! But keep your eye’s peeled on my blog and YouTube channel (also called Kim Dellow) because I plan to do some more face-related videos this year!

          1. Thanks for the reply! I already subscribe to both, so looking forward to what you have coming next!

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