Blitsy Giveaways And Holiday DIY Craft

I already did a shout out for the Blitsy run up to Black Friday event in my last ‘As Featured On Blitsy’ make but the event is so HUGE that I thought it deserved a full blog post just to be sure you don’t miss it!

I’m on the Blitsy Creative team and also part of their affiliate program (so there are affiliate links in this post) and I’ve shared some tips before on how to get the most out of buying from Blitsy if you are outside the US, but this event is a biggy so if you aren’t already signed up to Blitsy you might want to go do it now, it’s free to sign up btw. 

I’m pretty excited about it ‘coz I can enter all the giveaways and competitions too. Actually why am I telling you all about it? It decreases my chances of winning! LOL! Only joking! OF COURSE you should go join in, there is just so much going on!

Ok, so for starters Blitsy is having a giveaway of yummy craft products EVERYDAY up until Black Friday in the Blitsy Black Friday Countdown.

Blitsy daily Black Friday countdown giveaway

Then there is the Golden Scissors giveaway, where if you find a pair of Blitsy golden scissors (they are real scissors btw) you are entered into a draw for $1000 to spend on your hearts arts and crafts supplies delight at Blitsy. Think Blitsy Wonka and the Creative Factory!

They are giving them away in orders, via their social media channels such as Facebook, Periscope, Instagram etc and on the Golden Scissors sign up page too:

Blitsy Golden Scissors Giveaway for $1000

But, seriously that is not all! Wanna win a Silhouette Cameo 2 and $500 to spend at Blitsy? Erm yes please! Then go link your Holiday DIY crafts to the Ultimate HoliDIY Crafter competition for a chance to win!

Blitsy Ulitmate HoliDIY Crafter competition

You can find all the giveaways in the HoliDIY Hub where you can also find holiday arts and crafts supplies and gift ideas for the artist or crafter in your life, or where you might want to direct the significant other in your life who might be look for ideas on what to get you, just saying *wink*.

Blitsy HoliDIY Hub

There is also tonnes of DIY Christmas craft ideas in the HoliDIY hub and on the Blitsy blog and in the ideas section too. 

Oh and as well as the usual daily sales, which are around only for few days, and the discounted around all the time Everyday items, there is also a little sneak into the Black Friday items with the ‘Almost Black Friday’ sale!

But I’m still not finished with my heads-up! On Black Friday itself Blitsy will be running more sales events and having a Pajama party over on their Facebook page, so sign up to the event reminder or chat to me on Facebook and I can invite you to the event, so you don’t miss it . Whilst you are on Facebook go ask to join the Blitsy Addicts Secret group too to get some sneak peaks, chances to win things and just to share your Blitsy love and creativity!

I told you it was a HUGE event didn’t I? Right, well, I think I’ve covered it all but I still might have missed something so best you go check it all out for yourselves just in case!

Catch you later Blitsy Creatinators! 

Kim Dellow

Kim Dellow is an artist–designer–film-maker living the creative life in London, UK. She's a freelance creative for the craft industry and others, and she loves to share her art-ventures on her blog.

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