Work In Progress – Art In Search Of A Theme Week 2

Last Wednesday I started a new project working in a series and shared my first step here on my blog. So I am back this week to share how it is going and show the next steps in the process.

When I finished up the blog post last week I was trying to settle on a theme but a week later and I still could not focus my ideas and options.

Does that happen to you too? There are just too many options and nothing was really speaking to me so I’ve gone kind of theme-less.

Instead of a theme I thought I would just use a random collection of some of my handmade stamps.

A collection of handmade stamps

But before using the stamps I added some pseudo-writing (aka big squiggles that don’t say anything but look a little like writing) with a waterproof marker pen on different parts of each piece.

Adding texture with pseudo-writing

Next, using a brayer, the stamps and a limited colour palette of Yellow Green, Carbon Black and White gesso from the DecoArt Media range, 

DecoArt Media acrylic paint range

I went about adding marks on each piece.

Making marks on my wip

I tried to be random about it, but I can’t let go that easily and my designer eye is always looking for balance, it is a habit that is hard to break.

Adding stamping to my WIP

If I wanted the element to lift from the background I first stamped out the shape then filled it in with Gesso. Once the Gesso was dry I then re-stamped with the paint.

Two of four WIP pieces.

So the mess is progressing nicely. I’m still not sure where this WIP is going to go…

Two of four WIP pieces.

but that is part of the fun, right?

If you want to see how this WIP project started then visit this blog post:

First post in this WIP series

If we are lucky by next week I might have resolved this WIP series into something pretty, or then again I might not!

So a question for you, how do you come up with the theme of your work? Do you even bother with a theme or just work organically? I would love to hear your tricks and tips for making your art.

Have a fun arty Wednesday and don’t forget to link up any face art work you have to our Show Your Face community!


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  1. massofhair

    If i am doing something for a DT i follow the theme but if it is for me i allow what's on the page to appear. Liking your WIP and how you are showing us your process for these pages. Your hand carved stamps are fantastic, especially love the light bulb shape!

    Making marks like script writing on your pages reminds me of something Donna Downey wrote, she likes to write words that can't be recognised by anyone else. it's her secret on the page and she can't remember what she wrote so next time she sees the page it's new to her. I like that concept a lot, that's why i started adding writing on my faces in pencil, it feels fab to write secret words lol.

    Mo 🙂 xxx

    1. Kim Dellow

      I so wish I could allow what's on the page appear but my head is always thinking and planning. I think I might be more designer than artist in this respect but I keep trying to just go with the flow! I think if I work at it maybe I can develop it, seeing as I developed the designer side from the bottom up maybe the art side will come out the same way. 🙂

      What an interesting thought about the writing, I had not thought of it like that. I've done the continuous stream of writing as a layer and that is always fun, actually that helps empty my head, maybe I should do some more of that?! Thanks Mo, things to think about 🙂 Kx

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