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Hey up Wednesday! Nice to see you! But if you have popped by to see how my work in progress from the last two weeks is developing then I have a bit of a confession…

It hasn’t! It is still in the same form that I left it last week.

WIP week 2 progress

Ho Hum! It is still a mess in search of a theme, I’ve just not had a chance to continue on it as I’m working to deadlines for a few articles at the moment.

Of course I can’t wait to show you what I’m working on with the articles, as I am really enjoying doing them and hope you will like them too when you see them. But no sneak peeks I’m afraid until they hit the shelves in a few months time.

Ok, so what can I show you…erm…well I can share some news with you guys…

I’ve recently been accepted on the DecoArt Helping Artists program and their Blogger program too, which I am super excited about but I’m still trying to work out how it all works!

In the meantime I have been playing lots with the DecoArts Media range, as some of you might have noticed, and you can catch up with some of this work if you click on the pictures below:

Face painted with DecoArts Media paintWIP using DecoArts PaintsMixed Media card

The one thing I will make sure that I make time for this week is my face for Friday’s Art It Friday – Show Your Face.

Remember you still have time to link any portrait work you want to this week’s collection and the new collection will be starting on Friday from 10am (BST). Hope to see you there!

Catch you later Artinators!

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  1. massofhair

    Excellent news on your DBOP, so pleased to know you are now on the Helping Artist Programme too!!! I look forward to more of your DecoArt posts to help people like me on the DBOP to make more of their creativity.

    Your WIP will move forward when you are ready, sometimes we just need to BREATHE…

    Off to leave comments on the faces from last Friday and hoping to get something done for Friday this week 🙂 xxx

    1. Kim Dellow

      Thanks Mo! I saw you were on the DBOP too, do you enjoy it? I haven't worked it all out yet as I just haven't had the time but I'm hoping to get some more DecoArt specific posts up and some workshops too. In between getting articles written that is. There is just not enough hours in the day is there?

      Enjoy all the varied faces inspiration, they are fab aren't they?

  2. Jeanet Almhøj

    Oh my goodness that's a brilliant idea. That was just the inspiration I needed. Thank you for sharing!!

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