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Have you ever worked in a series? You know, where you pick a theme or a subject and do a series of art around it? I haven’t really, well not in art, I have in card making, made several cards that are connected by one look or one theme but in art I usually do one offs perhaps more by accident than design but I’ve not tried doing a series.

So I thought I would give a series a go. It is very much a work in progress and at the moment I have no idea what it is going to be or even what my theme is going to be, so here, for a bit of fun, is the start and let’s see where it goes!

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A series of 4 pages WIP

I’m using Daler Rowney Mixed Media Papers as my base and started by attaching some strips of torn book pages with Golden Regular Gel.

Adding colour to paper

I wanted to add a ground to blend the old book page with the paper, I would normally have gone with gesso for this but the gesso I have is quite textured and I wanted a smoother feel so I went with Golden Absorbent Ground (white) then added the colour over the top with a plastic card.

ClearSnap Pigment izink

For the colour I’m using Aladine Pigment Izinks, distributed by ClearSnap. I’m new to these inks and this is the first time I’ve used them. let me know if you have used them I would love to hear what you think about them.

Pigment Izink backgrounds

I now have four background pages…

More background pages

…looking for a series theme. Maybe they can be part of my Art It Friday – Show Your Face portrait journey? Or perhaps I will use something else to bring them together like a still life study or maybe make them a seasonal thing or what about using a simple shape? Mmm so much choice!

What would your series theme or subject be? I would love to hear your ideas and thoughts, do share below. Have you ever worked in a series? Shout if you have I would love to see it.

Ok, so next instalment will be when I’m fixed on a theme, let’s hope I do that before next week!

Catch you later Artinators!


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  1. Ulrike Schulz

    That's a fantastic idea! I try to work more with series as well. I'm planning to start it on Instagram first with weekly themes like photography of pavements, art, windows etc. Sometimes it gives it more substance which I found very interesting. I'm excited about your theme! x

    1. Kim Dellow

      Thanks Ulrike and thanks for popping by. Hope your series goes well I shall look out for it on Instagram. Kx

  2. massofhair

    Hi Kim

    I LOVE IZinks, i only have the silver but really love the effects you can get from it. The other colours are on my wish list, they give amazing drippage and splats!

    Never done a series but if i did it would be based around Chakras or the Universe and the images from Hubble. Just need to be able to create Galaxy type backgrounds and then add the different stars/nebulae. Have always been fascinated by our energy systems. I once made a fused glass Chakra panel, it looks wonderful and sometimes meditate on it.

    Looking forward to seeing what series you choose and to tomorrows Art it Friday post.

    Mo 🙂 xxx

    1. Kim Dellow

      I love your ideas Mo, particularly doing a universe-inspired series, I'm a massive space-fan! I think you should do it! I did some nebulae-inspired backgrounds for a magazine article and it was super fun to do. I used misters and a white pen for the stars if I remember right.

      Looking forward to seeing your faces tomorrow, I've just finished setting up the post, so I'm ready to go, hope you are too 🙂

    2. massofhair

      Yes i am ready, finished writing my post an hour ago! Oooh how wonderful that you enjoy Space too, have you seen the BBC magazine edition of 25 Years of celebrating Hubble yet? I got a copy from WHSmith and it is wonderful which is why i got thinking about Space once again… The shapes and colours have always fascinated me.

      Thanks for the tips, i also found a You Tube video showing a lady creating a Galaxy background using DecoArt Americana Paints, she uses white paint with a sparkle to add her stars.

      Mo 🙂 xxx

    3. Kim Dellow

      Oh I'm a huge space fan! When I was younger I wanted to study astrophysics but my maths was never strong enough (which unfortunately is an understatement, I can barely add two numbers together LOL!). I shall have to look out for the mag, I remember when the Hubble telescope went up 🙂 Now that has just aged me 🙂

      Oh you are definitely going to have to do some space inspired art 🙂

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