Taking A Break And A Halloween Make

You know how sometimes you need to step away from a project to be able to see it properly? Well, I had one of those moments the other day, I thought I would step out for a bit of walk and maybe a coffee somewhere. Sometimes a bit of fresh air is just what you need for a creative refresh. 

Of course it is always when I’m away from the computer that all those jobs I need to do on the computer suddenly jump to mind. Like setting up a blog post for Susana’s Custom Art and Card Design, mmm a Halloween theme for a special one-off blog post from the DT and guests using a digi-stamp. Mmm what to do? What to do?

A Halloween tag using SCACD digi-stamp and a Halloween story

I was still throwing ideas around in my head when I found myself in front of a cafe. I’m quite new to this area so I’m often going for random walks to see what I can find. I must have been walking for a while because I wasn’t really sure where I was, but the cafe looked nice, Cuckoos’ Nest, cute name. Thinking that what I needed was a mocha and a bun I went in. Ooo, free Wifi – sorted!

It was only when I was sat in front of my drink and cake at the table in the back that I realised how busy the cafe was. Logging on to the free Wifi I started to feel a little uncomfortable. The place was busy alright but seemed really quiet. Ha, maybe they are all checking their emails on their phones or taking pictures of their cappuccinos. Yeah, that must be it.

Close up of the wire embellishment on A Halloween tag

I glanced up; everyone at that table seem to have their hands resting on the table and just seem to be starring at them. Mmm bit weird. Ooo, look a new picture from one of my favourite bloggers on Instagram. Hey it is a cherry Danish with a double mochaccino, LOL! That is exactly what I’m having! *heart*. Ooo yikes I better reply to that email.

I glance up again. That other table seems to be full of people just staring down at their hands on the table too. I look around. The whole cafe is staring at their hands. Even the barista at the counter. OK that is seriously weird. 

But before I can think any more about it, a stream of children all dressed alike enter the cafe. Of course! It must be school chucking out time and this is where the parents wait for their kids.

Except one of the kids comes straight to my table. A chill runs down my spine as she sits in front of me without asking.

Close-up of the Halloween altered RockStar Eyes - Alex from SCACD

‘I am Raven,’ she says, ‘you need to leave now’.

I’m somewhat taken aback. ‘But I’ve not finished my cherry Danish,’ I splutter absurdly.

‘YOU need to leave NOW’. It is then that I realise that she hasn’t opened her mouth to speak nor have her eyes left mine. I’m transfixed in her stare, I can just about manage to tear my eyes away to see that I am surrounded by the children, their eyes wide and unblinking. No, surely that can not be, their eyes seem to be glowing with a startling light.

My heart sinks and my feet feel like lead but the next thing I know I am standing as if a hand had pulled me out of my chair. I waver slightly but my legs move by their own accord and I find myself outside the cafe and in the street.

Another view of the SCACD Halloween Tag

As the children silently, unblinkingly, file out of the cafe, I have an urge to run and I do, Danish pastry in one hand, mobile phone in the other, I run as fast as I can muster. I run and I run until I reach the end of the street and I risk a look behind me.

The children are still watching me from outside the cafe, Raven at their lead. I don’t want to chance it so I move off again but just as I do I notice some strange graffiti on the street sign. The name of the road has been scrubbed out and over an edge someone has written ‘Midwich’ in, is that blood? No surely not?

Another view of the SCACD Halloween Tag

Ahh Halloween is coming and I could not resist a scary story. None of it is true but you knew that didn’t you? Didn’t you? Mwahahah (evil laugh).

The role of Raven was played by 

RockStar Eyes – Alex from SCACD pop on over to have a look at what she usually looks like untouched by Halloween magic! If you haven’t guessed it already, the inspiration for my tall Halloween tale and the colouring of Alex is from John Wyndham’s book The Midwich Cuckoos. I’ve also used my favourite stamp at the moment – the Susana Loves Stamps – Montage – Art of Chemistry which you can find either at SCACD.

If you hop on over to the SCACD blog you can find out how to win some gorgeous SCACD Digi-stamps and get your free Autumn digi to download now. *This Competition Is Now Over*

Have a good day my craftinators and sleep well tonight. Mwahaha (more evil laughter).

Kim (Not Mad At All) Dellow

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[21st Oct 2015 – This post has been edited to bring the links up to date and remove old, out of date information]

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  1. Elaine Hughes

    Haha! Love the scary story. 😀 LOVE your creepified Rockstar Eyes Alex more though – INCREDIBLE!!! 😀

  2. Maxine Jones

    well….I thought it was real until the scary kids bit speaking without moving the mouth!!! Wow, you are very good at writing as well as crafting!!! Love that stamp!!! I've actually designed a stamp – I really must get it made and soon!!!! Peace (and spooky) harmony, Maxine x

  3. massofhair

    Brilliant scary story Kim, i also thought things were normal until the kids in the café part, a great transition. You should write more scary stories!

    Wonderful Tag, love the background and Alex's glowing eyes. A fabulous Halloween creation.

    Hope you get some sweeties in just in case Raven and her friends come to visit:-) xxx

  4. Shirley Davis

    This is another side of your creative nature Kim! A skill well worth honing. What lovely artwork and such a clever tale. Well done.

  5. Susana M

    Brilliant store you had me at cherry danish lol 😀

  6. Penny

    OMGoodness, Kim, this is really cool! Love the tale! And you colored Rockstar Eyes beautifully! Love the colors, the bg, that fab wire, and the design! Really love this! :^)
    Hugs, Penny

  7. Nikki

    Great story, must admit that at first I was thinking it was real … LOL. Fab project, she looks stunning, love your use of a metal and your background is absolutely stunning.

  8. Alex

    Ok- you got me! I was totally hooked and thinking it was for real for the majority of the read. You creation… WOWZERS! Completely LOVE it Kim!!!

  9. Well you got me there, thought it was real lol. Fantastic piece of art , wonderful colouring too. Hope you have settled in. Tracy x

  10. Susan Shuler

    Wow! She really does have the eerie Halloween look. fabulous!!

  11. misteejay

    Your creation is fabulous and your imagination is wonderful – loved the story.
    Toni xx

  12. Vicky

    Great story Kim, you had me fooled, I was just about to google the Cuckoos' Nest cafe !!!

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