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And what time do you call this? I mean seriously, you use this blog like a thought hotel, blogging at random times, dumping a picture here and there like you own the place then disappearing with no word to anyone. It is time you blogged responsibly and acted your blog age not your paint brush size. *sigh* I don’t know, blog owners today…mumble, mumble.

I’m feeling a little guilty for letting my blog slide over the last month or two, I know you guys understand and you have been so patient with me. It is hard juggling everything isn’t it? My blog mojo took a bit of a nose dive after the house move and my blog plans suddenly got shelved or whatever the digital equivalent of that is. 

I’m not going to promise anything, just in case I can not hold up my end of the blogging bargain, but I have that need-to-blog feeling again, that itch in my crafty/arty soul, which is a good sign I think. So hopefully there will be more blog posts following.

In the meantime if you are looking for something crafty to do this weekend in London there are three craft shows going on, two public shows and one trade show. 

It’s that Big Stamp and Scrapbook Show time again over at Ally Pally 20th-21st Sept for some papercraft retail therapy. 

But if you want a wider range of crafts to be inspired by then check out The Handmade Fair starting this Friday (19th – 21st Sept). 

As you can see Kirstie Allsopp is associated with this show and there are a number of well known craft designers doing talks and workshops (which you can buy when you buy a full ticket, there is also an entry-only ticket option) as well as some shopping therapy too.

But if that wasn’t enough there is also the first London-based Craft Hobby + Stitch trade show going on in Excel, 21st – 22nd Sept, for those of you working in the industry. 

Honestly, who booked all these craft events in on the same weekend? What were they thinking? If you are going to any of them I would love to hear what you think of them and have a fun time!

And this make? Well it is an old project that I made for Creative Expressions a while back. If any of you have the second issue of the Creative Expressions Project book you might have spotted it in there. I’ve used Cosmic Shimmer mist which catches the light in such a lovely way.

Catch you later Craftinators


Kim Dellow

Kim Dellow is an artist–designer–film-maker living the creative life in London, UK. She's a freelance creative for the craft industry and others, and she loves to share her art-ventures on her blog.

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  1. massofhair

    Oooh Kim, you have opened a bit of sore point for me, you see…

    I live in the NW of England, we only have access to around 5 shows a year but they are too close together, this means i cannot attend them all due to lack of funds.

    It is quite off putting to listen to retailers complaining how little the crafters are spending at their particular show. One retailer told me she had attended 46 shows over a one year period, to me that is extreme, shows me there is overkill in the amount of shows available.

    I attended the ICHF show at Event City last week, it is the worst show i have ever attended at that venue. I complained about the lack of quality, the repetitive selling of metal dies & food stalls that are taking over the show.

    Upset and feeling rather put out i sat and pondered the stories the retailers are happy to share with you, the rip off prices they pay for the stalls, the accommodation costs, the price of fuel & the dwindling numbers of people who attend.

    There are too many shows, the organisers think theirs is the best and offer ultimatums to those who want to try somewhere dicfefent. "If you don't book for our show you will lose your place" seems a common threat. What about the craft consumer, don't we deserve good quality goods, a good selection of products and time to save up?

    Am sad at the obvious 'getting on the craft bandwagon' mentality. It's time for show organisers, craft retailers and their fans to step back and breathe…

    Suppose it is a craft impossibility these days to expect to go to one show locally where you can purchase all tbe items you need. Personally internet shopping is becoming very attractive.

    Phew, sorry for the ickle tirade, i get very frustrated. Hoping you understand…

    Glad to see you back, loving the Cosmic Shimmer card it is beautiful:-) xxx

    1. Kim Dellow

      Ooo you have been thinking about this one! I'm amazed at how many craft shows there are now, it is a bewildering number. I think it is one of those difficult situations where everyone is trying to get their share of the profits and I think it isn't just constrained to the craft world if the ticket prices to the film and comic book conventions are anything to go by!

      Some great points, thanks 🙂

  2. SNJ

    Yes, a triple-show traffic jam. Hope they sort that one out next year! And I can't manage any of them. Sigh.

  3. Juls

    Gorgeous, love the colours 🙂 xx

  4. misteejay

    Lovely card Kim.
    By the way, that's not all that is going on in London – according to one of the TV shopping channels, there is also an Ideal Home event. So that will be somewhere else for folk who are into home décor & the like.
    Toni xx

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